Seems A lot of Stuff Is On Fire
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Thread: Seems A lot of Stuff Is On Fire

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    Seems A lot of Stuff Is On Fire

    Well, they caught the scumbag arsonist responsible for the Clayton Fire by JoeMama. They could burn him at the stake for all I care.

    Up here someone set fire to the iconic Tea House on the little island in Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay a while back. Only the walls remain.images.jpeg EmeraldBay_RodHanna_1280x642.jpg
    And now the Tahoe Queen paddlewheel excursion boat caught fire. RhodeTrip and the missus can take the sister ship, the M.S.Dixie, should they visit.queen-1.jpgqueen_1471367237214_5361586_ver1.0.jpg
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    The scumbag has been charged with 17 counts of arson. Hopefully the rash of devastating fires in the area will now come to an end. Almost 2000 homes have been destroyed in the last year. I have only been effected indirectly. The power plant that I worked at was destroyed in the Valley Fire last year.
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    Fire is just part of the ecosystem, we've over built into areas and have done little to mitigate the result of such action. A surprising percentage of Arsonists in these situations are Firemen. Go figure. Strange world indeed.
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