Internal Combustion Defeated As Bicyclist Passes Motorcycles
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Thread: Internal Combustion Defeated As Bicyclist Passes Motorcycles

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    Internal Combustion Defeated As Bicyclist Passes Motorcycles

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    That was so cool!

    The road looks a lot like San Marcos Pass Road (Hwy 154) behind Santa Barbara but then a lot of roads in Southern California look like that.
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    Lead vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code VC22400(a) Impeding Traffic Flow, good for $250 fine and 1 point. Subsequent cars occasionally in violation of Ca.Code veh21703 as well as bicyclist.
    Despite appearing to the contrary the road in video must be going downhill for cyclist to be apparently coasting at times.
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    That is still hauling butt on a bicycle. My concern would be how good are his brakes? I was only going about 30 on a bicycle one time when a car pulled in front of me and realized I was going fast and stopped in front of me. I nearly t-boned that car, stopped barely missing it with a long black streak down the road.
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