My Tractor Ride
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Thread: My Tractor Ride

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    My Tractor Ride

    On my way to work yesterday, I noticed a "neighbor" (I guess if they are within a 10-15 mile radius, we call 'em neighbors) must have pulled out a bunch of old tractors to..., well, not real sure why yet.

    Anyway, on way home they were still there, so I jump on the Whistle and head that way.

    I honked when I got into the drive way, but no one came out. I made sure to look respectful as I was not sure if anyone was watching.

    And respectful I was, for I dig old tractors about evenly with old motorpickles.

    For some of the more urban members, I submit some shots of my Americana.

    A couple of John Deere model D's; one styled and one unstyled.

    The styled one is obviously newer, and even is equipped with electric start.

    The unstyled one, not. Check out that flywheel! The bottom of it is about at your knees, and the top about your chest. You can see the points on it to align to get it ready to roll over BY HAND to start engine.

    Think the TW seat is uncomfortable? Try 6-8 hours aboard this baby. You can also see the differences here in the rear fender design between the styled and unstyled models.

    A Farmall F something (F12, F20, etc.)

    Another F tractor. Because of color, this may be a war era tractor. Notice the tricycle front end.

    A decent looking Massey Ferguson 44.

    Left to right. A Farmall model M, and old Ford Workmaster, and the M's little brother, the Model H.

    That MF 44 again, with a Farmall 450 in the distance.

    On way back out the drive, another F series Farmall. Showing the drive system here. Also notice, rear wheels are on "inside out"; to accommodate for different row crop spacing.

    I have heard stories all my life about being sent into the ditch on other side of road if you failed to start these correctly.

    Just a pretty shot of an alfalfa field on way home.

    Back home in back yard. This is soybeans here, the lighter colored field off to the left is corn. For reference, those houses in the distance are a mile away.

    And, believe it or not, but I ain't fibbin', on the cool down lap once getting home, I was rounding the track and a flatbed went by with a cabbed John Deere 5020 AND a cabbed 8020. I do not believe I have ever seen an 8020 in real life, and it was quite a coincident to see.

    It was a good day.

    -today, I seen there were more out in his neighbor's yard (same family, diff. place), so I may need to go for another ride!!!

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    Senior Member 1911garand's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Great White North
    If them tractors could talk. Great photos, thanks!
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    Senior Member stagewex's Avatar
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    New Rochelle, New York
    Love those old tractors. Very cool.

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    I love the old tractors, too. A lot of love goes into maintaining something like that.
    Pretty countryside... those fields look like they are terraced? ...don't see that here.

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    I got stuck in a 'parade' of old tractors like these in Boone, IA a couple years back. There was a hundred or more of them, all ages and brands. I wish I remember what time of year it was.

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    The forth picture with the unstyled John Deere shows a spark plug left of the flywheel. What's with that? I have a old Fordson rotting away with spark plugs on the cyl head and a small gas tank so was given to understand engine starts on the sterling cycle then switches over to diesel operation once warm.
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    Senior Member jeffrolives's Avatar
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    Mr Trip: Yes indeed terraced. The alfalfa shot illustrates the topography a bit with the tree and telephone wires in the bottom of ditch, me up at the top. Many people do think Iowa is flat, that is, until they do Ragbrai

    Fred: I am not sure on your Fordson. I was under the impression that they were all gassers, just like all Deere letter series, other than the R.

    The styled one you can see two fuel caps. Green one for big engine and red one for starter motor engine. Cap up front is water/coolant cap. Letter series Deeres had no water pump, but a radiator. It worked of negative pressures IIRC, and circulated that way.

    That spark plug is the spark plug. All letter series, and 50-80 number series were 2cyl horizontal engines. The exception being the M, MT, and 40; I will show in a minute.

    If you look right under plug, you will see what looks like an old bearing oiler cup, it is not. That is a compression relief valve; one for each cylinder.


    I stopped again today, both places, but again, no one home.

    An Allis Chalmers WC

    WC from rear. See the starter hanging on the left fender? ie. hand crank.

    Just a whole gaggle of styled and unstyled A's, G's, and even a little baby B in the back.

    close up of a G engine (I think G, photobucket has me ready to throw computer)

    An MT. Note yet still a 2cyl, it was one of the first for Deere to used a vertical configuration.

    Another nice, but newer WC. Notice the styling changes between the older and newer one? ie. hood opening. Even farmers were subject to marketing.

    Afraid that may be it. Service and / or computer driving me nuts.

    A good place to look if interested is John Deere D tractor information

    501 cubic inch ; Thems 2 big holes!!

    You got what it takes? Can you imagine doing this when it is 20 degrees outside?

    Many other vids out there, and if want search starting R with pony.

    Strong, smart people back in the day.
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    Senior Member jeffrolives's Avatar
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    May 2015
    NW Iowa
    I got to watch someone do this live to a 1929 I believe Cat 60 at the antique show in Madison, SD.

    Still can't imagine what life would've been like back then.

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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    About the spark plug near the flywheel. The early JD's had horizontal pistons. There was also a petcock on both sides to relieve the compression when starting. On the inside of the flywheel there were finger bumps for your hands to be able to hold onto when pulling it over. Loved the sound of the two cylinder engines. They would lug down to the point you could almost count the revs by the flywheel turning over. That big heavy wheel sure helped on a hard pull.

    Spent many hours on a D pulling a 3 bottom plow as a teenager.

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    I love the look of those unstyled beauties, but I also love to get work done with a modern machine and I've got 4 of them babies, Two Deere 4100s, a Deere3520, and a New Holland 2120. Mow my fields in NH with a Kuhn 4 disc mower but leave the hay on the field as I have no livestock, 'cept two dogs.
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