BB / Pellet gun recommendations?
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Thread: BB / Pellet gun recommendations?

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    BB / Pellet gun recommendations?

    Hey tdubbers,

    For some reason I think y'all would have good recommendations for air rifles.

    I shot one for the first time since childhood a few weekends ago and just had a hell of a lot of fun.

    The one I had as a kid was bbs or pellets and you were supposed to pump it 3 times, but we always pumped it 5 or 6.

    I guess I'm looking for the trifecta of cheap, quiet enough to not alert hoity neighbors, and capable of killing a rabbits 'n' such.

    I like shooting with iron sights just fine...

    Any recommendations?

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    Gamo whisper. .22 cal.
    Xs Os

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    There are a number of single pump spring guns on the market. Gamo is one of the affordable ones.
    As th price goes up, so does the power and quality. Some are nearly the equal of a .22 for small varmints.
    My preferredcal. is .20 cal. It has nearly the speed of a .17 and hits as hard as to .22 airgun pellets. Penetrates deeper too.
    I had a Beeman number 1 in .20 That was deadly and accurate. Wierauch and Feinwerkebau make some of Beemans' product and they are
    top of the line for quality. The really spendy ones use a pneumatic spring and are very powerful and accurate but cost as much as a GOOD firearm.

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    The Ruger AirHawk is pretty good, and for around $100.00. It's pretty heavy but a good shooter. The Scope is crap, but the hi-vis sights are nice and accurate.

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    A Gamo whisper in .177 or .22 should be fine. The key with the whisper is to use the heaviest ammo possible as it lessens the FPS and thus the report. Modern airguns can send a pellet out 1300+FPS. The .22 Whisper w/ lead pellets is around 950. FWIW, a .22LR comes out about 1200FPS for a 40gr bullet.

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    I have a nice Gammo Silent Cat from Walmart, Its a break barrel and they are about $129,
    I also have some nicer german make pellet rifles which are $500 and up these days,
    and you know what ?
    I use the $129 Walmart Gammo Silent Cat in .177 a whole bunch more,
    They can be ordered on lone for pick at a local Walmart near you,
    I dont condone walmart, Nor do Iuse them buy once a year,
    But the Pellet Gut is a good reason,
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    Go with the Benjamin nitro pisto .22. For even more fun but quite a bit more money get the Benjamin marauder .22 PCP. Very accurate and whisper quiet!

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    I own a Stoger X20 S2 in .22 and i really like it. It has a suppressor on it and its super quiet, almost silent. The quiet is the thing i really like about it because where i live my neighbors would freak even at the sound of an air rifle, they have called the cops before because of air powered nail guns....

    This thing will take down a woodchuck so rabbits would be a non issue.
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    Herseyb, these folks are recommending some fine pellet only guns, but if you want the stated trifecta hard to go wrong with a classic pump-up bb/pellet combo for under $30, something like Classic Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Carbine - works just fine.
    Very quite, can target shoot indoors for practice, BBs are darn cheat and I have eaten a rabbit taken at @ 20 yards with a single simple BB at 10 pumps, have dropped squirrels at 30 yards. Trigger pull and noise goes up with the number of pumps but you get used to it. For just fun the BB option allows many shots per minute. Just pull the bolt back and magnet grab another BB from the magazine. See how many shots and how long to saw a cola can in half at 15 yards is a good way to practice, hone the trigger group and just have 10 round per minute fun.
    I still use my ancient 760 Pumpmaster to dispatch pack-rats and squirrels caught in my live trap. A .177 wadcutter pellet typically goes through and through on a headshot. The wadcutter pellets seem unstable after 15 yards with my spring-air RWS Dianna so I relegate them to the old BB gun.

    My RWS likes the heaviest pellets I can find. The light alloy hyper-fast pellets just seem to make me miss very fast, I think they get unstable decelerating through trans-sonic speeds down-range.

    If $30 seems too cheap there are other variable power pump-up rifles out there with grater power and accuracy potential.
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