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Thread: more computer problem

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    more computer problem

    This morning I noticed that the battery on my Mac air was at 92%. I plugged in the charger and continued to use it. soon it was at 89 %. I turned it off and went to the coffee bar in town. An hour later with the computer still on charge and the little orange light showing that the charger was charging, I turned it back on. The battery was at 88%. I clicked on the battery icon and a message said, "battery not charging". I took it to the other charger and plugged it in again. Another orange light on the connecter and again the not charging message. WTF?
    Do any of you have this in your experience with a Mac laptop?

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    1) my battery let up after 3.5 years on my Macbook Pro. What you describe seems very similar. When they diagnosed it at the store they asked if if I left it plugged in all the time. My answer was yes... it mostly stays at work and I do leave it on all the time. They told me that the laptops are designed to discharge and recharge on a regular basis. In the whole time of ownership it only reached -40% 3 times. Not a good thing. Cost me about $125.00 to buy a new battery and have them install it though you could do the same ordering from New Egg and install yourself. Save $25.00.
    I let it run down a bit nowadays.

    2) your charger is bad. When and if you get the laptop checked bring your charger too.
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    Try powering the laptop off and back on again too.
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