Proud of my son....
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Thread: Proud of my son....

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    Proud of my son....

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    Congratulation to the both of you. As a dad of two boys I know how hard it can be to keep them focused and productive.

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    that's awesome, will he be living in a dorm or commuting on a tdub from your house? I'm a new member here from SoCal and have family in Boise - great school, great city. I have kids in high school now so will be feeling what you just went through very soon. Congrats to you, your son and fam.

    BTW my little brother who lives in Boise is looking for a small dual sport and I will be leaning him towards a tdub, been looking on CL but if you have any leads on a used one let me know!
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    Congrats to your son and his parents...despite the vast majority of "stuff" being taught in most colleges and universities these days, those that have their head's on straight and think for themselves usually do fine with the right majors and good parenting...

    Youngest son has his BS and MS, despite a lot of BS, from Wright State in Dayton and owns, along with his law degreed wife, their own Autism Behavior Outfit, working with kids from 2 to 20....majored in education and is now teaching the educators how to work with Autistic Youth.....

    Oldest Son, lives in the NW Chicago Bergs, has is Actuarial Science degree from Ohio State, and is in the Crunching Numbers Field for Bridgestone Tire USA, in the Chicago Area.....

    It is something to be proud of, especially if they succeed and don't amass a world of debt.....
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    I know exactly how you feel though... it's hard to believe they are flapping their wings out of the nest.

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    Bet you're glad you didn't sell 'em.
    BHI_children4sale.jpgCongratulations and Be Proud!
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