might buy a 2007 CB900 tomorrow!
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    Local guy selling a 2007 CB900 with 19k miles for $4,400. Sounds like a good deal what do ya'll think? Book val is about 5k


    Gonna do a test ride tomorrow..I'm almost certain I will be getting it as long as it's in a great a shape as claimed.

    920cc, about 100 hp and it has tons of low end power and runs 60 mph at a nice relaxed 3500 which is nice compared to screaming all over the place like with the TW. 3 disk brakes, EFI, I4...I've never had a bike with any of that before. It's gonna kick ass!

    Can't wait. I hope I don't do a backflip during the test ride with all the power, it's a huge step up from the TW. I should be OK if I don't do anything stupid like WOT the first few gears.

    I'll post some pictures if I get it tomorrow. From what I see it looks beautiful as the color red, my favorite.
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    Modern rendition of the classic Universal Japanese Motorcycle. Think well ahead of yourself while riding and you will be fine. Throttle and brake response will feel very touchy, doubly so if used to a TW's ham-fisted control inputs, so apply with intentional daintiness. Allow lots of extra following distance, watch speed carefully because a 919 will go a lot faster than it feels like, and start slowing down a lot sooner for turns and stops than you think you need to. Ist gear is tall, but the firction zone on the 919 is wide and smooth. Won't hurt to sliiiiiiiiip the clutch until you get used to it.

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    Grabbed the bike - the seller was totally honest and not kidding when he said him and the previous owner treated the bike like gold. No rust, no dings, not even a scratch on the tank. The chain is probably the original chain and it looks like it was just installed, nice and shiny and the adjusters looked untouched after just about 20,000 miles. I offered 4200 and he gladly accepted, which is nice to save 200$ cause this bike almost wiped out my life savings (I'm only 22)

    I just got home from roughly an 80 mile ride, and every single thing you said qwerty was perfectly accurate.

    All I can say about the whole experience is holy hell! During the test ride I was extremely careful with first and second gear as I went on the highway, I decided to give it a little in third, probably less than 1/4 and even that made enough pull to shock me.

    The brakes just kick ass. I actually never pull the front brake hard on the TW, since I almost never even use the front brake because the TW is so light and looses speed so fast you barely need brakes. I just roll to most stops since it's mostly backroads and nobody is ever behind me. The front brakes on this definitely have a strong bite, but it would still be difficult to flip yourself over. I fell in love instantly with the brakes, what can I say! I feel so much safer cruising down the road with them, knowing if somebody does something stupid I can stop very fast, probably twice as fast as the TW.

    The low end power that I was after is amazing. It's so nice to shift by 4000 after being used to the 200 and my old 500 where you gotta hit 6-7 to make any power, I just hate winding a bike out like that cause it sounds terrible. Shifting at 3500-4000 on this one just sounds so beautiful. During the whole 83 miles I don't even think I went past 5000 on any shift, it had so much power before that it was just not necessary. What I can't believe is the pull it has in 6th gear, during the test ride I hit 100 mph from 60 in what felt like 2 seconds, I was thinking holy hell no way! I thought I was doing around 75 maybe, damn....good thing nobody was sitting on the side of the road to get me.

    Overall the whole experience was out of this world for somebody who has never been on anything stronger than a 50 hp 500. I swear this thing feels at least 3 times stronger than the 500, the 500 was strong in 2nd and 3rd if you wound it to about 9000 but otherwise it didn't pull worth a damn, it acted like it would stall trying to run anything below 4000 which is pretty pitiful. The 900 will pull from 2500 enough to pull you off the bike if you wind out those lower gears I'm sure. Not even gonna try!

    I already feel like I got my $4200's worth and I have only done 1 ride so far, it kicked that much ass. I told the guy it felt like I was stealing it from him, it's amazing that 4200 can get you such an amazing bike!

    I can almost bet you tonight I will have a dream about the new bike. In the dream I am either gonna get over powered and fall off the back, or I am going to get busted for doing 100-120 and go to jail. Hehe..as long as it doesn't become reality that's OK. Here's a pic, looks beautiful don't it? I'm gonna say I got reallllllllllllly lucky with this one, the two owner's really did treat it right.

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    2007 CB919 - 70k Miles and still runs like new!

    * 2001 TW200 (Sold after 15k miles of fun)

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    Cool bike, man. I agree with you on some points, except the bit about reving to the moon to get power. I actually enjoy doing that. My brother also has a GS500. It is a fun bike, but the engine is way behind my Ninja 500's engine lol. The bottom and mid are similar, but the top end just isn't there on the GS. On the Ninja it gives you a pretty hardy kick through the top 3k RPM. Anyway I haven't ridden anything faster than a CBR600 yet. That bike would hit 100 mph pretty damn quickly from a stop lol. Would love to ride something like a 919! Nice choice.
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