Really praying that it's not a form of cancer
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Thread: Really praying that it's not a form of cancer

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    Really praying that it's not a form of cancer

    I'm really scared rite now and can't sleep. I noticed a purple mark under the nail bed on my big toe. I just figured it was ingrown nail or something. I never new that you can get a form of melanoma under your nail. I have to see a dermatologist and foot Dr. to have a biopsy done. I know I gotta stay's just really scary because it's so rare,just hoping I cought on soon enough that it can be removed and treated. I do know no matter how cold it is tomorrow,I'll be getting out on one of my bikes for a ride. If i'm riding i'm not thinking...,just enjoying!!! God bless all the members on this forum and enjoy the rest of your weekend
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    Easy to say, but hard to do: Waiting for the biopsy results.
    You'll not likely rest well until then. Bummer, but might well be nothing. We'll be saying prayers for you.
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    Yes, praying for you brother...
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    I'm praying for you Holdnon.

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    Hope it's benign

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    Prayers up.

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    Having had to deal with the BIG C myself, the only advise I can give you is it isn't as bad as it seems. Right now you are the darkest before the dawn stage. It will get better. My experience was that I met the best people, ever, at their worst and made me realize that it is all manageable. Once you find out what it is, do your own research and find the different methods of treating it and choose whichever works for you.

    Wishing you the best.

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    Have you thought about removing the toe? If it is not there it can't spread.
    I had a really bad toe infection that simply would not respond to all the medical things the doctor tried.
    I told the doc to take it off. He said you will walk funny. I said but at least I will walk, something I can't do now.
    So he took it off, actually three of them. I walked funny until the pain of removal went away, then walked normal.
    At least until the paralysis in my legs caught up with me. The paralysis is not related to the toe infection in any way.
    It was going to get me no matter what. I'm just saying that, "If thy toe offendeth thee, cut it off." It is easy to live with one less toe.
    Not so easy to live with cancer. And if it is not there, then no radiation or chemo is needed.

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    Praying for you and hope all goes well.

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    Holdnon. First, Good luck. I've had melanoma so I get the worry. Mine was bigger than you described and actually had spread so I got poison in my veins and surgery. It was 10 years ago and I follow the developments closely and there are much better treatments now than even 10 years ago. If it is NOT melanoma, no problem at all, just a scare. EVEN IF it is melanoma, likely still a very minor problem. If it is small or is big but did not spread, you are OK. Not sure how they cut it out under a nail, but they are usually very shallow so not much to take out. And that is the end of it. If it spread, you will have to endure treatments, but you can. People do it every day. Treatments really are more effective too, in the worse case scenario. Sounds like riding will keep the bad thoughts out. Smart. Good luck sleeping in the mean time. Thinking of you.
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