Share Your Ideas with Presiden-elect Trump
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Thread: Share Your Ideas with Presiden-elect Trump

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    Share Your Ideas with Presiden-elect Trump

    Do you have an idea to make America Great. Sign up and give the Trump team your ideas.

    I gave them my idea.
    (People give money to charities out of the goodness of there hearts. The charities need to be regulated to give the money they receive to the cause, not to line there pockets. We Americans are discussed with the corruption of these non profit organizations. Please help and God Bless)
    I have heard that by law they are only obligated to give 5% of the money they receive to the cause. If that is true it's disgusting.

    Click on (Share Your Ideas)

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    A lot of times that you think your money is going to a charity whose name you see on a sign - isn't. Some charities lease (may not be the right term) their name out for a set fee. I give a charity a $25 a month fee to use their name, and then all the money I take in from selling whatever (candy in machines, candy bars, money in a drop box, etc.) I get to keep. The charity makes a little money from leasing out their name to thousands of people, the people leasing the charities' name make all the bucks, and the charitable people that think they are doing a nice thing are just getting fleeced.
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    All day and night we get bombarded with TV commercials to give to various charities. Most are complete hog wash and do any of you know how expensive commercials are?

    I limit my donations to the two I know get the money to those who need it. The Salvation Army and the American Legion. Both pay their executives next to nothing and well over 90% of the donations go directly to helping others.

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    It gives you the entire charity breakdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Color Of The Day View Post

    It gives you the entire charity breakdown.
    I'm completely familiar with Charity navigator. What I'm asking the Trump team to do is fix the corrupt charity system then people wouldn't need websites like CN.
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