A new way of life
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Thread: A new way of life

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    A new way of life

    Well after 7 years of living in Paradise, I will be leaving. The people I rent from are going sell the property which will leave me homeless.
    For the better part of the year I have been looking for a new home. Rental for a house that can accommodate me, two sidecar motorcycles and a lot of tools and toys is impossible to find for a price I can afford. So I decided to find a home I could buy. Real estate agents have artificially inflated prices here to where 250 thousand will buy a run down termite trap with an "as is" phrase in the contract. I did find a beautiful two bedroom house with attached garage only 8 years old with a beautiful well groomed yard and horseshoe drive that was half paved with concrete. Asking price was 170 thousand fee simple. I tried to buy it but the bank would not loan on it because it was in what is called a #2 lava zone. The last lava flow in the area was 60 or 70 years ago but the bank was afraid that Pele would poop there again. After looking at former crack houses,(one was the scene of a grizzly knife murder 3 months earlier) and other places that did not measure up or would require at least a hundred thousand in upgrades to be livable, I realized that it would take 350 to 400 thousand to find a decent home here.
    That is slightly over budget for an old septuagenarian disabled man living on a pension. I did have a savings account to work with but to purchase here would put me under a burdensome debt. I bitched about it to my sister and she couldn't believe the prices I had been quoting. She sent me some real estate listings from. her town and I just stared goggle eyed. There were homes for sale any were from 25 thousand on up. There were many good homes in the 50 to 100 thousand price range. I Made contact with a realtor in her town and began a new search. The first one I chose looked really good with an asking price of 75 thousand.
    My relatives examined it and saw a 12 inch high water mark in the attached garage. I didn't want to be finding Nemo in the garage so I looked on the other side of town. I found a two bedroom house with full basement and a HUGE garage in a large yard. I bid 55 thousand and was turned down so I bid 60 thousand and they accepted. 60 thousand is hardly enough for a down payment here on this island and that amount would completely pay for this house, garage and yard.
    Well, that was the end of my savings account but we closed the deal today and I have begun packing to leave the island. The new home is in a farm community in Illinois so I plan to move in March. I don't want to go from tropic weather to frostbite falls in mid winter. The shock would be severe. I only own two pair of long pants. I figure if I arrive at the start of spring the difference shouldn't be too severe. The weather here is at it's coldest in March so I should be able to adapt.
    March in Illinois is the start of spring.

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    So sorry , you were a role model for the ideal goal of retiring on the Big Island.
    You're gonna need a new wardrobe in Illinois, what size you wear? You might need to learn a new vocabulary too.
    10 Words You'll Only Understand If You're From Illinois

    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, wishing you a Happy New Year and a new beginning.

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    I have lived in Ill Noise in the past so I know the language and I differ with the first one. It is actually warshroom. They warsh things in that place.

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    I'm sorry to hear you have to roll out. My girls have been living in Honolulu now for around two years. They love the people and how everyone treats them like family. They would never have as many close friends in Maryland as they do on the island. I don't foresee them ever coming home.
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    Kind of a bummer Phelonius to have to move away from Hawaii. Wishing you the best of luck here on the mainland. I wonder will they honor the Rokon's on-road license?
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    On the positive side, Ill has a million miles of blacktop roads with low traffic that are perfect for riding -- alas the weather discourages their use 3 months per year. And then of course there's the advantage of homegrown tomatoes. Its just the weather . . . . Good luck with the move.
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    Yes, I remember the tomatoes. And the beer brats and other edibles they grow there. When I lived there before I was a year round rider.
    With my disabilities now I will have to wimp out on some of that. (but not all)
    I may install a salt water swimming pool. And put a shark in it.

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    From what I hear it will be hard to leave the Island. My nephew is the Warden at the Fed. Pen. there and he and his family are in love with Hawaii. Your move back to the main land will be climate shock for sure and you will need to spend $$ on heat that I doubt you spent there. Funny how things work but we love living in the NY mountains in the winter. I do complain but having already moved south to Florida and moved right back to home in NY we just are not comfortable without our 4 seasons. Getting your inner body re acclimated to the cold will be the hard part but you will get used to it.

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    I feel you pain. I moved away from the island 6 years ago and still think about it everyday. Only one thing helps with the depression - riding the TW. Hope you will have one in your new location (Hawaii will always be home). By the new movie Moana and watch it daily.
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