Jumping Rattlesnakes
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Thread: Jumping Rattlesnakes

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    Jumping Rattlesnakes


    Saw this and couldn't resist posting it for GaryL.

    Mudbug will love this one too!!
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    This coon tail really coulda ruin your day.. ( got shot instead and his rattle is sitting on my desk )
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    We are doing our winter hike on the 4th of February and the main reason we go in the winter is to avoid the rattle snakes. Devils Nose WV... more snakes then you can shake a stick at.
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    I saw Doug Danger a couple years ago at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet/Dutchess County Fairgrounds. It hurt to watch him even walk around to inspect the launch ramp and/or his bikes. You could read all the cuts and broken bones and scars in his lifetime by how slowly he moved. But when he got on a bike he was just as crazy/courageous as an 18 year old pulling a new motorcycle out of a dealer lot. Hope he fare's well over those snakes!



    I wish I could remember the younger fellows (below) name in this picture that travels and works with Doug. He set and controlled the fire that Doug crashed thru. It was he that made the ramp jump on Evil's old motorcycle. Doug was not up to it that day, ran the Pyro explosions instead. I'm guessing the younger guy will inherit the franchise when Doug moves on.

    Not in exactly stellar shape but making his bones as always.
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    Always a little unnerving to see one of these flash beneath the TW!

    Something I drove over not too far back down the road couple years back!
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    On one of my trips to the coast I found this lady between Hwy 1 and the ocean.

    I have been told it is a female. I didn't get close enough to see for myself.

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    We have many neat reptiles here in the Boont. Here's a couple of Buzz Worms I re-located

    I think this might be a red racer?

    Here's a little snake that feeds on slugs, very timid & great around the garden m.
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    Only Timber rattlers and Copper heads here where I live. Very rare for anyone to get bit unless they mess with them. 9 out of 10 Copper heads that get killed are actually harmless Milk Snakes because they look alike.

    We did have a guy get hit by a big Timber while riding his mountain bike. Bit him in his calf and he spent over $200,000 in medical bills and lost most of the muscle in his lower leg. Others who try to catch them have lost hands if they screw up. On the bright side the Timbers don't want anything to do with wasting their valuable venom on things they can't eat. They give a very loud and chilling warning long before they strike 99% of the time. I encounter them while fishing and can't get within 10 feet of one before he starts rattling. They are a highly protected species here and heavy fines for even killing one. I watched from my tree stand once when a deer walked close to one and the second the rattling started the deer about jumped out of his skin. Copper heads are not so nice and don't have a warning but they are also not as deadly.
    I don't kill any snakes but most people do. I have 4 species of snakes living right in my front yard out in the ornamental bushes and all are welcome, Garter, Milk, Eastern ring neck and the Hog Nose. They all eat mice, slugs and other insects and spiders and don't bother with us or the dog. Water snakes down by the creek and an occasional black snake pass through the yard but I have never seen a poisonous snake unless I go looking for them in the woods. I am not afraid of any snake but I do have a great deal of respect and I just don't mess with any of them. My only concern while traveling in the BB national park is that my dog is a hunter and has to sniff every hole in the ground searching for mice and chipmunks. I would not allow her anywhere near an old rock quarry because that is where the rattlers and copper heads live and she would be stuffing her snout in and around all the rocks. She sees snakes out in the yard all the time and never even bothers with them and actually steers clear of them. Under a rock or in a hole is another story and that's what worries me. One guy suggested I get a plastic muzzle and keep it on her while in the desert just to protect her nose.

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    Thank goodness! I thought from the thread title this was going to be about rattlesnakes that jump.
    I watched on TV last week when Ragnar Lodtbrok was dropped into a pit of snakes. This was apparently a historical fact about the way he was killed.
    On TV the snakes were all nonvenomous of course and many were medium sized constrictors by their size. In reality the snakes used on the real Ragnar
    were probably crossed adders since they the most common European venomous snake. They are not extremely deadly but the bite is very painful and if you are bitten multiple times as Ragnar was they are of course deadly. It was as intended a most painful way to die
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