Backup Your Data Now!!!
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Thread: Backup Your Data Now!!!

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    Backup Your Data Now!!!

    I thought I would start a thread to remind members to backup your data, pictures and software. I can't count how many people have called my office devastated that there hard drive failed and all there data and family pictures were lost. I had a guy call me this week who lost five years of family pictures which included his four year old daughters pictures.
    I do a pretty good job backing up my data but sometimes I get a little lazy, but for the most part I'm on top of my backups.
    It's relatively inexpensive to keep your data backed up. I have two external hard drives at home, one in my safe and one next to my PC. I have multiple external HDs in my office and I also use the cloud.
    Let's use this thread as a discussion for tips, tricks and mostly a reminder to backup now.
    How do you backup?

    You can buy a 1TB external HD on Amazon for $60. How much is your family pictures worth?
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    2TB external hard-drive. I have 2 of them, one at home and one at work. I take my laptop back-and-forth.
    I didn't back up for almost the whole year last year even though the HD's were inches from my hands. Lazy! Accepted an "upgrade" on-line from Apple and everything crapped the bed. Was able to get out of it without losing everything but usually don't let a week go by without backing up. Takes about 3 minutes if you are up to date.

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    <Edit> Nevermind.
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    External HD. Doing a back up now. Thanks for the reminder.
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    EaseUS Todo back up tool, & multiple external hard drives. Also redundant computers, many cd's & dvd's containing various data, pics,etc.

    Wife & I also talked about doing a bit of digital to analog conversion. Meaning take & develop a group of pictures & making two photo albums, one for us & one for her sister. Who even does that anymore?? Old school, but effective. (Kinda sounds like a bike I have.)

    And some files & documents should be kept analog as well, in more than one location if possible. 'Cause remember, feces occurs! m.

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    Much like motorcycle maintenance. Learn the ins and outs and what seems doable to you, and do that.
    I suggest doing it yourself and then there is no need to worry about some other site or organization being hacked or your info being stolen, used, sold.

    Use two backup methods, either multiple hard drives, or a combination of usb drives, HDs or cd/dvds, etc.
    The chance of both going away the exact same day is slim. You will only lose the data since the last backup peroid. And be diligent.

    I need videos, music, pictures, files, etc. all the time while I'm out of "cloud" range, or do not have an internet connection.
    I always chuckle when I hear someone, on an airplane, lamenting that they want $6 for internet and if they knew that they would have downloaded, "insert whatever they wanted here".

    Cloud computing is just the next way to charge you for something you really don't need but it seems inexpensive and easy to use.
    Memory is dirt cheap, but cell phone companies, computer-tablet makers and cloud providers want you to believe that they have a better solution.
    It's just like your TV bill. "hey it's only a couple bucks a day, that's cheap entertainment" just pay and you will be happy!

    Do you maintenance and do your backups. Or you'll pay later.
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    Personally, I'm not a big fan of the "Cloud". I have a network attached storage system on my network and a 2TB USB drive attached to that to back it up. I have had hard drives fail but have been fortunate enough to recover the data. So, being a bit paranoid and not wanting to suffer the wrath of my better half if I ever lose all our family pictures, this is what I use:
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    Combo , we use a shared network HD at home and use usb drives also. Also remember to do your cleanups and defrag and check for malware..
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    I have a 1 TB external drive on my home computer and run a back-up every week or two. I run a custom batch file using a windows command-line routine called robocopy. It lets me customize my back-ups in different ways. For example, if I delete a file on my computer, I can have the back-up routine delete it from my back-up drive too, or keep it as archive. I replace the external drive every few years because in my experience their reliability isn't stellar.

    I also permanently back up photos on DVDs for extra security.
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    External drives are surprisingly cheap now too. I bought a 1.5tb hard drive about two years ago for 200 dollars. 4tb ones are about 100 now.
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