Hemorrhoids and motorcycle riding
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Thread: Hemorrhoids and motorcycle riding

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    Hemorrhoids and motorcycle riding

    Not to be the butt of the joke, but recently I had hemorrhoids. I love riding my bikes every opportunity I get. After taking off one day and returning home nearly sidesaddle I figured I would opt for surgery. I pulled up the title above and no real anecdotes. Lucky for me my wife found Emuaid and researched the heck out of it. What do you know, the stuff worked. $60.00 for a small 2oz container. Cheaper than my deductible so now I think it was a great deal. Hopefully no one here will ever have this issue. It is a real pain in the a**. I would also recommend application before a ride and not during. All I know is getting old sucks. Things just happen to you for no reason. Keep the wheels down and good health to all.

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    Thanks Ken for keeping it real!! After 40 plus years in the saddle and being a red head....the Hemi I experience is far from the Hemi I dream of. (70 Cuda) Have only had one or two bad trips and have never yet had to consider surgery, but am glad to file away your success and hope to keep riding into the golden years and Damn the aches and pains!
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    Only on the TW forum...
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    I think Seat Concepts is coming out with some new models in two different colors.Inflatable-Ring-Round-Cushion-font-b-Hemorrhoid-b-font-Medical-Donut-font-b-Seat-b-font.jpg
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    Rhoids are just a PITA.

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    No pics? Hey whoa I'm just kidding!

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    Wow. We must be assholes...
    We know every detail!

    Had Hems years ago. Had the cauterizing operation back then.
    Changed diet a bit and all is well.

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    This calls for a song by Iron buttrfly. The long version. Is this the Trips theme song? It should be.

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