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    So I got a 2002 WR250f with at least 3000 miles that I put on myself. Before I got it it had barely been ridden.

    So, it has a JD main jet #128 ( I think) and the needle for my elevation installed.

    Yeah, it needs a valve adjust and cam chain, however once warm she runs as good as ever.

    ever since the JD kit install Gas drips out as I kickstart it, float bowl out of adjustment? Yes, the plug has been black due to running way rich.

    I adjusted the float the other day the best I could as directed by my factory repair manuel.

    Gas still dripped out, yet more.

    So I plan to go back in deeper for cleaning and inspection.

    I dont have calipers for the float adjustment as directed by the manual. (nor do I have budget for them right now)

    So I used a 8mm wrench and a keen eye. (didnt turn out to keen)

    So what else should I watch for when I am in there?

    Any sweet tricks to getting the float bowl set just right.

    I hope to get my cam chain and tensioner soon for install followed by valve adjust. depends on budget.

    it really runs great and starts easy...once warmed up.

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    Check your float needle and seat, too.

    Double-check your float height with a piece of clear tubing.

    Trial and error is the name of the game for float height. You can make a gauge block to help with a consistent measurement, but it's critical to rest the float at just the right spot against the needle. If not, each measurement will be different and you'll be chasing your tail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamamont View Post

    So what else should I watch for when I am in there?
    While checking the float needle seat, check the condition of the o-ring.

    If it is dried out and flattened, fuel can pass around the seat even if the needle valve is fully closed, and cause the bowl to overflow.

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