Crazy Sh*t not a T~Dub But....
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Thread: Crazy Sh*t not a T~Dub But....

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    Crazy Sh*t not a T~Dub But....

    Evel Lives:

    The jump {I sure the Hell wouldn't try it} doesn't look all that tough, but if driving down the Freeway, and seeing that biker come flying over your vehicle/head could indeed cause one to hit the brakes and cause a major cluster F**k
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    Looks like he cleared it by a long ways, all the people out there texting on there cell phones are a lot more dangerous for other drivers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howardgene63 View Post
    Looks like he cleared it by a long ways, all the people out there texting on there cell phones are a lot more dangerous for other drivers.
    Looking down at there phones, they never noticed.

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    That is so awesome. If he owns the land on both sides of the jump - I dont see a problem here.
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    I would suspect that being California, they will find something to charge him with.
    Maybe crossing the freeway at a place not an intersection.

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    Jay Walking.

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    Jaywalking at an improper altitude.
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    Once again debating freedom. It was wrong because something COULD go wrong. Even if there were no ill effects to anyone. I sure am not going to try it. He wouldn't have either if he couldn't make it. Great jump.
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    Back as kids we had an old RR track we rode on all the time. No tracks or ties left, just the bed. In one spot there used to be a bridge that crossed the track and a canal along side of them but they removed the bridge leaving just the ramp up to it and the one on the other side about 50 feet away. We always wanted to try it but none of us ever did until a few guys from another town came to ride with us. They were 3 older guys who raced MX bikes that could blow all our bikes away. We got to that spot and one of those guys looked it over from both sides and said it was a perfect jump with plenty of run up room for the launch and landing and said they do those jumps all the time in races. All three of them made the jump that day and determined we had to hit the launch at about 40 MPH to clear the water. We never did try it because we all had just simple dirt bikes like my Hodaka and a few Honda trail 90s. Those guys kept coming back with their much better bikes and all their pals and next thing we know the tracks and the bridge got closed to all of us and the Rail company that still owns the bed put up guard rails on both sides of the bridge. That first guy who did it had a wild Maico I think was a 250 or 300 and he was one of the top MX riders around these parts. We used to just go to watch them tear up our trails and the old gravel pit. They all had a bit of crazy in them and were fearless with some of the stuff they did that we never even thought to try. Our bikes were mini bike compared to the rides those guys had and they sure could put on a show. Lots of those bike companies are long gone now, Oassa, Maico, Penton, Bultaco, Husqvarnah and CZ.

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    Are you sure that isn't Fred? He does shit like that you know.
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