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    Seems that Fundamental Christians and Dogooders of all sorts everywhere are complaining about Crazy Frog, aka The Annoying Thing, being depicted in an anatomically correct fashion, what with that little dangling penis and such. Sadly, typical of dogooders and such, their ignorance is predictably demonstrated redundantly again. Male frogs do not have a penis. In fact, male frogs have no external genitalia at all. Fact is, Crazy Frog's depicted appendage is a cloaca, the external genitalia of a female frog. Therefore, Crazy Frog is a girl. Just thought you'd like to know.

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    Lol. I used to play Crazy Frog Racer the videogame several years ago and the song randomly pops up in my head. Since I used to breed lizards and turtles I did know this fact about the cloaca. Some people are just too ignorant for their own good! I get tired of correcting these people and now I just nod with a smile on my face, letting them think they know it all.
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    Well I was glad to see the frog was wearing a HELMET, guess the frog is smarter than....
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