FYI on it going away on this site as well?
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Thread: FYI on it going away on this site as well?

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    FYI on it going away on this site as well?

    Seems several forums are going away from taptalk. From what I can see is that more personal info is now being shared by taptalk. Here is one response about it.

    "Some of you use the HTF Android app - so we have tried to keep it working as long as possible. Unfortunately, the company who make the app (Tapatalk) have started to store user information from forums and have begun to sell advertising based upon this information. Our philosophy at HTF is that nobody should ever have access to our member's data, posting habits or online activity in any way. As a result the ownership have had to make the unfortunate decision to remove Tapatalk support from HTF and unpublish our app in Google play.

    This decision will not be reconsidered, so please post here only if you need support with the mobile browser version of HTF, which works on any device.

    Thanks for your understanding."

    What do you guys think that use this on your phones?
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    if that's the case then good bye tapatalk.

    End of the day it wont matter when you delete your account your shit probably stay's in the DB and they'll frickin sell it anyway.
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    All my photos posted here have come via Tapatalk from my Android phone.
    That is the only thing I use Tapatalk for.
    Now I'll need another easy way to get photos out of my phone and posted here. Used to do this from the trail side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenhtr View Post
    What do you guys think that use this on your phones?[/FONT][/COLOR]
    I have no idea what Taptalk is so if I was using it all along I suppose I don't notice the difference without it.
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    I use it. Didn't even think about using it to post pics. Although I may have (crappy memory).

    I could do without it. But it was nice to keep up with all the goings on at ADV. Kind of mashed all the forums together though. Never sure which post was to what forum.

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