All Wheel Drive Christini
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    Christini All wheel dive motorcycle

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    Those are pretty cool. I saw one at an Endurocross a couple years ago and it got smoked as did the trials bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainman View Post
    Those are pretty cool. I saw one at an Endurocross a couple years ago and it got smoked as did the trials bike.

    That's pretty darned awesome. I've been taking a peek at various articles on two wheel drive bikes for a few years now. At one point they actually did one of these AWD kits on a Yamaha R1 street bike. I was not yet aware that Christini had actually started production of their very own motorcycles. I can think of a few situations where you could have a ton of fun crawling up a big steep loose-dirt hill and just having other dirt bikers look at you like WTF!? LOL. I'd love to score a test ride on one of these beasts some day. No way I'll be able to afford one for at least the next five or six years. Thanks for the link to that forum post. I'm very interested to follow it and see how the bike works and handles, how reliable it turns out to be, parts availability, Christini customer relations quality, future dealer sales contracting, etc.
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