It was time to say goodbye to my Beagle June, of 15 years
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Thread: It was time to say goodbye to my Beagle June, of 15 years

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    It was time to say goodbye to my Beagle June, of 15 years

    Ill start by saying that I never thought it would be so hard to see her gone,
    nearly 15 years of adventure, Exploration, Biking and more,
    She was a rescue of 6 months when I found her, Never been indoors or well socialized,
    We went to jim Thorpe and while I would mountain bike the same 12 mile trail, She would run from stream to stream, We did this dozens of times, Lots of biking all throughout Pa, Nj and in Florida, She been on beaches all up and down the east coast and many many miles in the car going between off road trips and Phila to Pittsburgh, I would guess she spent some 250,000 miles with me on the road,
    She loved the old in wheel chairs and small kids, Always sat next to Grand Mom at Thanksgivings over the years,
    I have to admit,
    Its really tough to not awake in the morning to feeding and walking her, And coming home from work to a quiet house, Im 51 and this is the first time in my life I haven't had a pet of some sort,
    Yes Eileen is supportive, But not the same. (Wife)
    Her goofy cat just can't cut it either,
    It was time,
    She got a lump in her throat near her jaw and we checked and it was a very active cancer tumor in her saliva gland, It grew fast and in less than a month she let me know it was ok to take her to the vet, Long story that I won't get into, I am glad that a trip to the vet was always something she liked, As we traveled all the time, New places were fun and as a true beagle she know the vet would give her treats,
    Im sad to see her go, But also glad that she didn't suffer at the end, She had a good life with lots of family who would walk her and tons of adventures throughout her life,
    ~ ~
    Yes I am aware that we project that dogs are happy with their lives,
    But how could I deny that she did get to be a dog, Run, Chase and roll in disgusting things her entire life, All while having a warm place to sleep and a loving family,
    Sorry for the long post,
    She was a good companion,
    Rest in Peace my Friend,
    Peter B

    june4.jpgjune5.jpgjune2.jpgJune in Kayak.jpgjune3.jpg
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    Sorry to hear that brother Peter. I totally understand. Praying for you bro.
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    Got a lump in my own throat Peter/Pred reading this. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    When my wife and I moved into our present and only house 20 years ago we were set on a Golden Retriever (like she had growing up) or a Lab. After a friend came by for dinner with his own Lab it lay on the floor blocking one of the doorways in our rather small house. We knew we would have to downsize our canine expectations. But we also didn't want one of those small cat-dogs either. In the end the compromise was a Beagle puppy which made its way into our home and hearts. An impossibly crazy breed that sometimes is too human. Peppermint just turned 10.
    They say the sadness and loss of your dog has an important purpose... to carry it's masters/best friends life resume to the heavens in advance.

    Pep is sorry too. Hang in there.

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    Peter, what a beautiful tribute to a lovely dog. Thanks for sharing your story of June.

    Take care.
    John in Nanaimo

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    I think this may be my favorite,
    April 2012,
    June flying.jpg
    I don't want to go and run out and get another Beagle at this time,
    Ill be spending some time vacationing where a Pup would be very hard,
    She was trained well and for the first 6 months she went everywhere I did,
    Work, Play, Shooting range and became a very relaxed social dog,
    I thinks its the only way to train a Pup,
    Sure miss the girl.
    Peter B
    Nov 28, 2011,
    june close up.jpg
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    (((HUGS))) Sorry to hear of your loss. They may have fur and four legs, but good people make pets part of the family. Sounds like you had a good girl there. I'm sure she was grateful you were her human.
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    My girl Belle "also a beagle" died not long ago at the age of 13. It was a very difficult day and the following weeks were not much better. I know in my heart she lived a happy life "just like yours" and she gave as much happiness as she received. Try to remember dogs need us just as much as we need them so just as soon as the time is right get another to share your life with. I am sorry for your loss. That picture from the car is just plain AWESOME!!!

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Good dogs are few and far between but it sounds like you had one of those good dogs which makes the loss so incredibly difficult. I lost a good dog, Fritzie about 14 years ago and I thought I would never get over it. I wanted another dog to replace her after about a year but I was afraid I would get some piece of crap dog that I would hate, so I prayed.
    About three months later I found Dixie and she is amazing but I think I prayed to much because along came Ginger. Now I have two good dogs but unfortunately Dixie is 13 now and failing fast. I'm going to miss her when she gone. It's amazing how dogs enrich our lives and become such an amazing part of our family.
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    Thanks for sharing your story about an awesome dog. Sorry for your loss. We have a beagle also, she is now approaching about 17 years old. My wife had her when we met.

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    Thank you for sharing with us.

    So sorry for your loss.

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