22.00 bluetooth helmet upgrade
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    Here is a "cheap and worth it" mod you can do to put some bluetooth music in your helmet. This is not an intercom system and it doesn't have a mic so you cannot talk on the phone (which is a good thing).

    I use it with an IPhone .. but it will work with any bluetooth device. It nice to have a little background music (Pandora ... etc..), and the MotionX GPS chimes in every now and then with speed and distance while recording routes.


    Bluetooth Receiver

    Helmet Speakers

    The speakers have sticky double sided tape to attach to your helmet liner or helmet.

    I mounted the transceiver on the back of my helmet with velcro. I rode 20 miles today with top speed of 55 ... the mount seemed fine. At first I maxed out the volume on the phone, but this was too loud. About 75% volume seems about right.

    Enjoy ...

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    Now that is great timing that is exactly what I am looking foe

    I just got the cheap motorcycle gps which is blue tooth

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    You can just plug the speakers into your iPhone or iPod or other music player and not need the bluetooth if you don't have a talking bluetooth GPS.

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