Machinegun for motorcycle
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Thread: Machinegun for motorcycle

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    Machinegun for motorcycle

    16 yeas ago I found on the internet, a warehouse in Canada that was selling Dnepr motorcycle parts.
    Dnepr - think ugly sister to a Ural. Most were marketed to the soviet military and satellite countries.
    I borrowed my brothers pickup ant drove up into Canada to the ware house and selected three pallets of old military Dnepr parts.
    Paid for them and brought them back to Illinois. In a few days I had a Dnepr MT11 military motorcycle with sidecar. Wow! was it ever crude.
    It looked as if it had been manufactured by a hacksaw, cold chisel and stick welder. Turns out I was right. But it ran and after I built a wheel truing jig
    it wasn't too bad. I decided it needed a machine gun so I built one and mounted it on the sidecar. I had a lot of fun with it for a few years but had to sell it when I needed money to move to the west coast. I have always regretted the loss of that machine.
    Well now I am back in Ill Noise probably for the rest of my life. Today my girl and myself drove up north to have lunch at a renown biker bar on Hiway 6.
    After dinner on a WTF idea, I drove to the motorcycle shop that had bought my Dnepr. I spoke to the man and found that he still had it and hadn't even started it in 4 years. I asked if he would sell it back to me and he Said he would think about it. I left with his business card and the thought that I may have found my summers' project. If I buy it, it will likely require a full restoration but I am good with a cold chisel and can still weld, and having put it together once I can probably do it again.
    pics if I buy it
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    IMG_1302.JPGDnepers give you wings.
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    I still have this vision of Phelonious on a Rokon - with the machine gun mounted on the side car – firing it while steering with one hand ……
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    I still have the Rokon but I want my Dnepr back.

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    Do they still let you drive it here on the mainland on the streets?
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    The Rokon yes, The Dnepr I never got licensed but I did ride it a lot where the leos didn't go.
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