Robert Pirsig 1928-2017
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Thread: Robert Pirsig 1928-2017

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    Robert Pirsig 1928-2017

    My Dad gave me "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" when I was in my 20's. I found it a complete bore, hard to read and I don't think I was able to get through the entire book at all. I think he bought for me thinking it was a shop manual which it sure ain't.
    Later in life in my early 50's I picked it up again and really enjoyed it... "Ahh, I get it"!

    His Obit is pretty interesting, a complicated and sometimes sad life:

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    Stage. I found my copy on Sunday while cleaning out the garage and started reading it again. I couldn't believe the irony when I saw the news of his passing yesterday. It had been 24 years since my first read. When I read it in the '90s, it was a perfect time for me. I had just graduated college and was heading across the country to see America. This was pre-internet and the one true way to discover the magic of the US, and to discover one's self was through a road-trip. I had the same experience with Neal Peart's books-not always the easiest of reads, but fortuitous for me in their discovery at certain points in my ongoing journey through life. RIP Mr. Pirsig.

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    I'v heard of him. Thats' a bummer. Now I want to get that book; zen of motorcycle maintenance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AGman View Post
    All I got from his book was how to be a miserable bastard and impose your self-induced, train-wreck of a life onto your children...he performed this well I thought.
    Interesting perspective. I changed my mind on ordering it. I don't need help in that department. Trying not to be a miserable sob is challenging enough.
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    Agree with AGMan. It's one man's perspective-that's it. Give it a shot, you may find something that resonates with you. Maybe not. The underpinnings of this book address mental illness, a point not to be overlooked. Pirsig just happens to be an eccentric motorcyclist on an adventure dealing with challenges in his life. Hey-that could be me!
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