Spring's a Poppin.
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Thread: Spring's a Poppin.

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    Spring's a Poppin.

    Suns a rising, buds are blooming, temps are rising, roads are wide open. For some of the best riding in the world. With this morn's sunrise I am reminded of why I live here. Even after the long wait thru the drudgery I still find it worth it! Today I will find another mountain trail and go up it as far as I can. (Which still won't be a long way due to the snow pack. Shown are sunrise from my balcony and top of the Kootenay pass a couple of days ago.20170428_065034 (Medium).jpgSpring Sunrise 2017.jpg
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    Mighty nice view there Doug!
    You sure do live in beautifull country.
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    S'not popping here yet.

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    it was popin here last few weeks til we got that foot of snow and cold for a week LOL

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    It's the wait ten minutes rule here. Had cold hail later in the day. But, all in all, it's inching in.
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