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Thread: NW Rain

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    NW Rain

    We just had our first stretch of sunbreaks for several days. Now we are in for another week of rain. This has been a record year for the wet. At least the NW is used to water and is not affected as bad as the dryer states that have been hit hard this year.

    Just been getting the grass down as it is starting to really grow with the warmer weather and all the rain. Will just be doing what I can inside until it turns around again.

    Sure feel for those folks that are having tornadoes and super flooding in the midwest and south. Compared to that I am on easy street.
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    The NE is also very wet this spring. I hate mowing wet grass but don't have much choice since we get one day with no rain followed by 4 wet ones and preceded by 4 wet days. Today is my day but the grass won't dry enough to do a nice cut. Rain returns tonight and right through Monday again. I have 2 low spots in the lawn and am sure to rut them up when I do mow today and hope I don't sink the Kubota.

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    West Central Ohio last week, these are fields, not rivers or creeks...more heavy storms last night:

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    We had an unusal spring "storm " (hahaha )rain that formed over SoCal weird. And it was pretty cold and snowed in the local mountains highly unusal for May. My friends from other states that are here just laugh when somebody here calls the rain showers a storm. My brother in Fiji is bracing for a cyclone. So you can have trouble in paradise too. Though the rain we had wasn't trouble but still needed.
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    Ya, had planned to get the NC700 out and take a run out the Mckinzie or North Fork of the Willamette out Oak Ridge way and get my tenkara wet on an over night trip but my wait it out. If I do a PDX ride on the TW Sunday I'll post to see if anyone wants to tag along. Also my just head out Estacada way for a romp in the hills. If anyone in the area has like a cycle rack on the TW give a shout out. I'd like to see home my Mosko Moto bag fits before I order a rack.
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    The rain pattern has finally changed here in the Boont. Now the weather speculators make a forecast of "Chance of rain" anytime a cloud appears .

    Mowing here at the moment is challenging, mostly due to the amount of tiny frogs taking refuge in my lawn! Literally thousands of them!

    If I move along slow enough, most of them seem to jump clear. But there is always collateral damage... Uuugh... m.

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    That's the weather in the Pacific North wet.
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    It’s been quite delightful here this past week – spent most of it indoors painting. Would only of taken a day with the brushes if “her indoors” hadn’t done the shopping for the relevant supplies, (then buggered off for the week leaving me to it)

    For a starter, the emulsion is the wrong colour (too dark), which is compounded by the single paint tray, and the one roller she got. Three paint brushes - one of which you could have used to paint the Mona Lisa, while the others are more suited to pasting up bill boards – and that’s all I’ve got to do the gloss paint as well (oil based, drips all over the place, and might explain why the cat is avoiding me at the moment)

    Then there’s the fact that first she says she’s going to do it – then dumps me with the perishing thing !

    Although why she thought putting the new flooring in before doing the painting is beyond me ….

    Meanwhile, the grass is going berserk, during the one week a year that’s good cutting weather

    And you guys are complaining about frogs !

    I’d give them each a paint brush and tell them to get on with it …….

    frog one.jpg frog two.jpg

    /rant …..
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    This can be overcome, with a few items 'round the shop!

    With long drywall screws, fasten the large brushes onto a string trimmer head 180 degrees from each other. Fuel & start string trimmer, dip head in a bucket of paint, & hold head of brushes towards wall to be painted. Now slowly squeeze throttle, & enjoy the results!

    Oh, must use LOTS of drop cloths!! m.
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    If Purple offered rides on his TWs he could maybe hire these guys to finish the painting
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