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Thread: Gaia GPS

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    Gaia GPS

    Does Gaia offer high resolution satellite maps? I only see the mapquest map layer and it sucks.
    I found on some other sites they are claiming there are no hi-vis satellite layers available.
    Just wondering what you guys are using.
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    I have the $20 one time pay plan and the sat view on the computer Gaia Website and on my phone are not that good when zoomed in as I suspect the reasoning for your question. I'm not sure if they changed their pay plans or not, looks like maybe they did, so not sure if sat resolution is better under the more expensive plans.

    I use a google earth app on my phone and google earth on the computer to get better resolution when zoomed in.

    FWIW, I really like Gaia so far when I have pre-planned my tracks/routes. Only starting to use it to make routes/tracks mostly on my cpu. I'm admittedly not real handy on the phone stuff yet except for viewing my tracks/routes and downloaded map areas for offline use i.e. out of cell service in GPS mode only.
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    I have the $20 version as well. I was hoping to have a resolution good enough to see the trails and decide what direction to go. Apparently, the subscription comes with a little better resolution only in some high traffic areas. They also say there is a way to add sources but the procedure to do so seems fairly involved. Gaia claims on their website that google maps seldom work as a source due to licensing.
    Maybe I'll use downloaded google satellite data for high res imagery in google maps and the gia app for tracking.
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