The glove won't fit
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Thread: The glove won't fit

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    The glove won't fit

    Can you imagine how disappointed I was knowing I was going to spend the afternoon in the emergency room. Sue was a little beside herself also. I ended up having to skip lunch and my afternoon nap! Sue will agree that it was a bad day for Dan. I had to drive first to our personal physician, but no can see without an appointment. I had to drive clear across town to a "urgent care" facility, all the time listening to Sue whimper like a little puppy. "Stop bleeding all over the truck", I said. The "Doctor " at the urgent care facility advised us to go to the hospital emergency room. So, back in the truck and off we go to the hospital emergency room. Blood and tears are now being mixed together and are dripping here, there, everywhere. "Hang your hand out the window Sue and stop crying"!

    We rush into the emergency room and sat for four hours. WHAT? Hurry up and wait? Is there anyone here that remembers what emergency means? The hospitals idea of first aid was to give Sue what I perceived as an adult diaper to cover her hand so I wouldn't have to look at it. This small act of kindness made me feel better, not having to look at the blood. Some times I would give the excuse that I would try and find out what was taking so long, but I was really just getting away from her persistent whimpering. Good golly miss molly, cry me a river!

    Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, the doctor will see you now. It's like an orgasm. Maybe the doctor can give me something for the constant whimpering sound in my ears. A nurse shows up and whisks Sue away for X-rays, finally some peace. Short lived as it was, I hear whimpering coming down the hall. Yes, her finger is broken. What are you going to do for the broken bone? Nothing! Why did you take an x-Ray? To see if it was broken. Now that you know that the finger is broken what are you going to do for the finger? Nothing! Then why did you take an X-Ray to see if it was broken if you weren't planning on doing something for it? $$$$$$

    FINALLY, after they deaden Sues fingers, preparing for sutures, the whimpering goes away. I started to feel better immediately. The doctor makes a few stitches and a few bad jokes and was gone. Who was that masked man? $700 dollars for 7 sutures and 15 minutes of work, Sue said she hasn't heard such whimpering. Little does she realize yet ----------she can't fit into a motorcycle glove! Isn't that what it's all about! Poor Sue!! Dirts a Flyen SanDue
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    Poor poor Sue

    Here's a hug from tommy

    Love ya my friend!! Get well soon!!

    How did this happen?
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    Poor,poor Sue having to put up with all of Dan’s whimpering.
    Looks really painful.
    Sending lots of good thoughts for the both of you, speedy recovery, fingerless gloves, etc..
    Also hugs of sympathy from my Marisa and she says let Dan wash the blood off the truck.
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    So sorry to hear you have an owee Sue. Hope it heals fast so the summer is not wasted.
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    If the glove won't fit, we must acquit!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Sue!
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    So was it her index finger or her social finger? If the latter, how will she communicate?
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    Not sure who said it, but I believe someone suggested you were a sensitive guy. Odd that you use the word "orgasim".... Didn't one of those send you to the hospital a couple of years back? Hope Sue heals quickly and you can wash the blood off your truck seats. Boy, relationships can be pretty stressful.
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    Take care my Friend.........

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    OUCH Sue, get better soon. You may need a crampbuster for the throttle now.

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    No fun! ERs are the worst. Hope it all heals well.
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    Sue- Good news is you're not in the hospital. Bad news is I won't be making a road trip for a hospital visit. Take care. One of these days we'll meet.
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