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Thread: Health dictates

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    Health dictates

    Seems I have hit the wall as far as riding safe. I have noticed a decrease in energy lately. Went in for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Afib. As I did have a heart doc appt the next week I figured no problem they will fix it. On seeing the doc at the university of Washington, I was put on a blood thinner at fourhundred a month. Luckily they got me a voucher for a free month and gave me some numbers to call. The meds will be given to me free from the makers. As I am headed for Ak they wanted to put me on a pill that doesn't have to have blood checked each week as I take two a day. If I bump my head, get a bruise, stub a toe, well you get the idea, I have to immediately see an emergency room. Those that know me know I would have to campout next to that door.

    So the safe way for me is to stay off two wheels for a while till I get back after a couple months and they reset my heart rythem. Hopefully I can get off the thinner and be normal. Sure didn't figure on this.

    If things don't work out I will have to get rid of the toys, too painful to have them around and not play.
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    Damn. Sorry to here this Randall. Take care of your health above anything else. Says the old guy that hasn't seen a doctor in about 8 years.

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    Hey Plumb,

    I just heard this on the way home from work today. A study showed that eating dark chocolate reduces your risk of A-Fib! I guess it couldn't hurt if you self medicated by eating a few candy bars - sure beats eating broccoli!

    Eating Chocolate, A Little Each Week, May Lower The Risk Of A Heart Flutter : The Salt : NPR

    Seriously, best wishes and hope they are able to get things under control for you.


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    i hope it gets all straightened out, plumb or close enough to it.
    ride on!

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    get well soon pal. keep your head up and be diligent on taking care of these things. In the mean time be careful while on thinners.
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    Sorry to hear this about you! This book changed my life ...the calorie mith , you my want to read it.


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    Have they spoken to you about possible ablation? If you are unable to comply with meds or meds dont work or you are in a position where drug intervention may not be ideal, ablation may be an option. Just something to consider. PM if i can shed any light. Man that sounds like a commercial!!
    Best of luck brother.

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    Sorry to hear your Afib Plumb. Man of all the damn things that can slow us down being on blood thinner really sucks. I wish you the best an I'll pray you have a speedy recovery.

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    Be careful, and get some of the the military grade stop bleed to keep with you on your trip. When I was on thinners I cut my hand putting some metal roofing on, bled for 3 hours before I finally went to the Doc-in-a box, got 3 stitches,3 damn stitches, never had less than 10 before.

    Get well and safe travels.
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    Bummer brother Plumb. Don't stress your heart out with any new girlfriends!! If I couldn't have a motorcycle, you might as well just kill me now. Take it easy bro and if you need anything, just give me a holler. Love ya bra!!
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