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Thread: New Pup comes home,

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    New Pup comes home,

    As some of you may remember I had to put our beloved June to sleep in early march,
    With a heavy heart I looked in shelters and other rescues and found nothing to bring home as I am kind or Beagle Bias, While we did see a couple, They needed a lot of sorting out to be able to live our life style,
    Well, It dawned on me one day, I thought of an old friend who bread 1 litter of beagles a year as hes a farmer who raises 2 cows and one pig a year for food and hunts rabbits for the table, He's kinda out there, But a good hearted guy who's been breeding his own flavor of hunting beagle for 20+ years, They are all black and tan with no white,
    I called him and he just had a litter and there was one which had white in her which went back 4 generations and he didn't want to keep her,
    Well Eileen and I went out to see him when the pups were a month old, We thought OK, Lets see them when they are 7 to 8 weeks old,
    Please remember that this is a typical hunter/farmer who raises doge in large rabbit hutch surroundings and the never see the inside of a car or a house.
    Se we went back on May the 26th and decided to bring her home,
    Well folks,
    Heres the new addition to the pack,
    She's "~~~~~", We can't think of a proper name yet,
    But happy and lively and I think she is the smartest Beagle pup I've seen !
    I never had a pup younger than 6 months, So this 8 week old pup will be interesting to raise,
    Heres a couple pics,
    You can see her Black and Tan siblings,
    So far so good !
    She's taken on to living in comfort well and reminds me of June in several ways already,
    Attachment 105689
    So it will be interesting how she will learn in the next 6 months !
    She's a real magnet at the dog park.
    Peter B

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~
    Update, June 4th,
    She still has no name and were looking for suggestions,
    Im stuck on Rabbit and Eileen likes Mable,
    A million names out there and we can't seem to find one,
    We've been running her all over,
    Been to the park, Got her to play in a shallow creek,
    She tags along with us thru the woods with no collar wonderfully and responds to calling her so we really need a name,
    I picked up my side car rig yesterday and it needs a carb overhaul and a steering damper installed and possibly the fairing removed,
    1972 BMW R65/5 swb.
    Runs down the road fine except for the dang carbs,
    As soon as carbs get done we will ride around with Pup on Wifes lap,
    So far the pup has no fear of the rig,
    I hope that the next 15 years with her will be a nice as the last were with Juniper.
    Yesterdays pics.
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    Have fun with your new pup.

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    Congrats! I would like to have a Beagle some day...

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    Very cute!! My pup Katy is now a year and three months. What a firecracker she's been. I had forgotten how much work a new pup was, but she's turning out to be a great Chihuahua. I'm glad you got a new pup to love Pred!! Looks like she is doing your heart good.
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    I love beagles so much! Congratulations.

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    So glad you are able to give another dog a great home.


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    She is cute as a button and has a very sharp and alert look about her. I love the breed but not fond of a dog that barks a lot unless they are hunting. Never owned one but friends always say they are great dogs, very lovable but you have to be on your toes because once they get on a trail they will run for ever, males especially. My uncle had to leave his hunting coat in the woods all the time and go back for the dog the next morning who would be curled up on it and worn right out.

    Congrats and thanks for providing a good home.

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    Awwwww, she's gorgeous (also Beagle bias as you know).
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    She is a bright pup,
    Listens to every word even if nothing means a thing yet,
    Very acute to surroundings as well,
    I am hoping that I can get her into a sidecar without too much fear,
    She's already great in the car and will follow me thru the yard and small woods behind the house.
    Ive never had a pup under 6 months old before,
    And Yes they can be a lot of work,
    But if I work with her well and consistently,
    I believe I will be rewarded with a good pal.
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    Tom in Wichita

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