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Thread: GETTING IT UP - Episode II

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    GETTING IT UP - Episode II

    Becoming an ‘older fellow’ seems to carry with it, a bit of anxiety. Just read a post where a self proclaimed “old fart” was beginning to feel out paced when riding with the little Lady. Feel your pain Mr. Due. Riding skill, speed and control, at least for men, might be considered ‘manly attributes’. A couple of years ago I posted another less than ‘manly’ experience. What can be worse than not being able to get IT up…. With this experience, you have to stay calm and be prepared to think outside the box (no pun intended). Anxiety can really take the fun out of so many activities. My previous experience suggested that a long rod might be an enhancement. Though it worked, it seemed as well, putting more horsepower between my legs would be even better. Sold the TW and bought a XT-225. Wow, 25 cc’s and a six speed transmission. The XT provides a renewed sense of vigor, but am back to not being able to get it up. Found myself dreaming once again about a longer rod. Wanting to hedge my bet, figured a good plan might be to go for 40 inches. I will put together a video outlining my setup and technique. Stay tuned and take care.

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    Take care my Friend.........

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    First Dan. Now Gerry. You guys are killing me! Laughing that is.
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    Maybe a V rod is all you need and they vibrate too.
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    Wait! Am I reading "There's trouble in Paradise??"

    Gerry, please exercise care when exploring these practices of Archimedes!

    And if you do have a "Eureka" moment, please remember to use your "side cover". m.
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