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    Absolutely Crazy

    Though fairly recent, this has gotten a lot of attention so you may have seen it. Talk about dancing on the edge of a razor...
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    That's quite a chase. He obviously couldn't keep up in the straight a ways. Personally, I think the chase should have been called off, there were too many lives put in danger, but you gotta hand it to him for determination to catch the bad guy!!

    Now this brings me to a question...(note that I'm usually a pretty law abiding citizen)...but has anyone else out there ditched the PO-PO?
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    Man that police model TW sounded good. Wish they would have gotten a picture of the front tire. Probably a stock front.

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    I'm thinking the perp circled around and got back on his bike and fled. A little surprised that when the bad guy went on foot, the cop left his siren on. Nothing like announcing your location to the bad guy. I think the chase should have been called off also.
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    Even when played at 0.25 speed I still had to pull over at the 5 minute mark ‘cause my brakes were getting overheated.
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    I ditched to cops a few times back in the day and always on a dual sport bike. Had a town cop flip around after catching me in a wheelie. He pulled up along side of me at around 40 MPH motioning for me to pull over. I jammed the brakes on and did a quick U turn and just up the road at the top of the hill and while he was still trying to do a 3 point flip around I hit the woods and disappeared. He is still looking for me and that was 50 years ago

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    I'm thinking that what stopped the chase was a lack of enough gasoline in the perps bike. You can't run that far at those kind of speeds without consuming a lot of fuel.
    I think he was very close to empty and ditched the bike where he could run on foot.
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    I don't think the cop was all that bright. first off he should have called it off! then I think his riding skills needed some more practice, I heard him run the motor up into valve float twice, instead of shifting. and his shifting was bad. and then there is the fact that he couldn't catch a bike with 2 on it.
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    He over reved because his clutch hand was busy texting dispatch and his coffee cup was too full.

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    I am impressed by how clean and nice the streets were, no potholes in sight. But my wife visited Finland and said it was flatter than Kansas, it sure looked that way.
    But high speed chases aren't ever worth it, too many innocent people at stake.

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