who needs friends?
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    Not being one of the youngest generation or a facebook veteran, somebody needs to explain to me what the story is on "friends". Seems to me everybody is my friend in the TW world (except the guy that stalled over a month sending payment for parts, needed to be reminded 3 x, negociated the price down $15 after he had proposed the original price and the parts were sent, and just generally was enough of a pain to prompt me to look for others who might need future parts.

    Back to the question, whats the advantage of being somebody's friend on the forum (do their messages show up immediately? or what). As one of the guys who was always chosen last in 4th grade dodge ball, I'm somewhat sensitive about those who are always chosen first and those who tag along so I'd rather not fail to select any of you wonderful folks as my friend, but don't see a way to global you all into the Peruano fold. I guess I'll await some better explanation. tom
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    I don't have the vaguest idea what the purpose of a friend might be but just so that you don't regress to that old fourth grade feeling I'm now your friend. Cheers.

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    Good question!

    I also am not of the Facebook/Twitter generation.
    To me it seems like some sort of snobbery. "You can be my friend, but you can't!" Somebody please explain about "friends".
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    Hello Tom,

    It would be an honor being you "virtual" friend.


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