Making my Rokon usable
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Thread: Making my Rokon usable

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    Making my Rokon usable

    Well I have cured a lot of the headaches that are built into the Rokon.
    1. and the biggest one, I removed ALL the front wheel capability from it.
    That means removed the front Spyder gear and drive shaft mechanisms. This means that all of the break downs traceable to the front drive system do not exist anymore. That means no more roll pin breakage in that system that would leave me stranded for an hour or so then limping home at 6 mph and stopping along the way as it would break again.
    This had the added benefit of being able to re align the front wheel in the steering system thus greatly reducing the front steering head shake. It was impossible to do this because of the chain drive system. But without the drive system, I no longer have to worry about the sprocket alignments.
    The whole machine is nearly in alignment now, much smoother.
    With all the times of having the machine apart and together I solved another chronic problem. It used to leave me stranded with no ability to run the engine.
    This was due to fuel starvation. I had to bypass a portion of the over complicated carb because it was causing this problem. In addition I found that the main fuel line was made of something that congealed and stopped fuel flow. New fuel lines stopped that. I even sanded and repainted the headlight. Rusty ball of poop it was and only a year and a half old.
    Well without the drag of the front wheel drive it is almost responsive and drives like a giant minibike with a sidecar, which is what it actually is.
    It still only goes 34 mph but in this small town that gets me there. At least it seems to be almost dependable. Only time will tell.
    I actually thought seriously about just lighting it on fire, my frustration as so bad. But now I can actually use it, sort of.

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    Great news Phelonius. I know it has been so frustrating for you.
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    Good news. That front drive system seemed inefficient and unreliable for the machine’s stated purpose.
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    Thinking back when I was a kid , my Father marveled at the sight of the Rokon crawling around a motocross track.
    My first thought was I had a hard enough time keeping one drive chain on my mini bike & that thing had one for each wheel, forget that. Lol
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    Congrats on finding a way to make some lemonade out of what you thought was a lemon .

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    Senior Member phelonius's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Frostbite Falls Ill
    A slow lemon. Very slow! If I aligned the sprockets the way people usually do they were out of alignment with forward movements of the machine.
    Yes, the front wheel drive was a great Idea, poorly executed with old tech that has been dropped by other makers 70 years ago. The way it spits out roll pins from sprocket drives
    became monotonous.
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    I have had the privilege of knowing a small handful of extremely talented mechanics in my life.

    One was a Vietnam era helicopter mechanic who reserved a "Special" phrase for when someone pulled off the seemingly impossible, or at least unlikely mechanical accomplishment: "You turned horse sh*t into ice cream!" He would exclaim.

    That, was the highest form of praise! 34mph might seem slow, but you're still king of the road! Enjoy the ride! m.

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