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Thread: Heart issue

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    Heart issue

    I am back down from Ak for a bit. Have been having an Afib issue for a while and they put me on a blood thinner big time. You know when they stick you for a blood sample and put a simple pad and tape on your arm. Well just had that done yesterday and when I got home my shirt was bloody from the middle of the bicep to the middle of my forearm. Didn't notice till I took the shirt off.
    Back home and will be at the Univercity of Washington in Seattle on Monday. They are going to cardiovert my ticker and try to get it back in rythym. I do ok just plodding along, but any stress and I am out of breath in just seconds. With my blood like water, if I bend over it feels like my head is going to explode. I try to not bend over to much to pick up anything as it may cause me to pop a vessel up there. They told me when I started to take the thinner that if I bump my head to immediately go to the hospital to make sure I haven't caused a bleed.

    So, no riding the TW, no going out boating, just no major bashing around and taking a chance of getting hit. I do putt around on the quad, but that is it for exitement.

    Have been putting away some serious fish for the winter. Smoked about 50 lbs of sockeye, 22 5cup bags of rhubarb for pies and more when I get up there. The rest of the 5cu ft freezer is sockeye. Everything is shrinkwrapped.

    Will most likely stay down here till the 3rd week of Aug and take a flight back up to get my booty.

    Had quite a ride on the way up. That new red cargo trailer is not new anymore. Broke a bolt and it left me in the Yukon. When I looked back and realized I didn't have any red paint following me you can imagine what went through my mind. It out through the black spruce wadded up in a ball. I had my quad in it and I was wondering if I did find it could I get it out and as I was hauling at tractor with emplements, how was I going to put it on the truck.
    As it turned out, a golden angel was on my shoulder. the road was straight and smooth, a bit uphill with a gentle corner. It must have slowed down and when it left the road on the curve it just went over the edge and stopped. It only folded up the under skirting on the front and tossed things around inside. I was able to get off the road a few thousand feet up the road and back up to it. It was at quite an angle off the shoulder and I was able to fire the tractor up and lift a bit with the loader, tie off the other end of the chain tongue to frame and do some gentle pulls to tease it down. Hooked it all back up, followed the shoulder back up the road and was able to get up a bit of speed to get the load and trailer back up on pavement.

    Life is good, equipment broke in, all is in one piece, made it to destination, been camping out in a great place with cook inlet two blocks away and the Kenai river on the other side. Freezer is full, great campfires everynight, a tavern next door, which we cook for and have meals that are wonderful. You know the Alaska diet, FRESH Halibut, Moose Roast, Huge shrimp, stews that warm your soul, vegetables grown right at our own greenhouse. Pies, OMG, Pies, and of course some local fluid to wash it down.

    Now, that I have told my secret of life, there is always next year for those of you that want to join me next year.

    Love you all on the forum, will share when I get my ticker fixed up next week as to what is going on. Plumb

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    Praying for you brother Plumb!! Stay strong.
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    We hope you you get your heath issues sorted out. Dirtluver and I enjoyed our time together with you in Moab. Take care our friend.
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    Prayers and best wishes. Hopefully the angel that had your back with the trailer is a full time resident!
    Hope to ride with you some day soon.

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    Very sorry to hear you are one of those MEN I miss being around! I read the Calorie Myth and it changed my life, from high blood pressure etc. A little unsolicited advice.

    miss you


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    You take care my friend. Mrs. Trip sends you a big hug!

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    Here's hoping you stay in sinus rhythm when you are cardioverted🤞

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    Wow Plum, hope you get this all ironed out. As bad as I am to myself I have no advice to offer other than push the doctors to get to the source and fix it. Second and third opinions can often bring the results but reliance upon just one doctor can be deadly if he/she has head up ass syndrome and does not put the thought into what is really going on. Some doctors have this attitude, Take 2 aspirin and come back and see me next week if you are still alive. My previous doctors, from a group practice, were just that type. Once they learned I smoke they all took the same attitude and blame any and all ailments on smoking. One female doctor actually refused to even examine me because she smelled I was a smoker and claimed she was allergic and could not be in the same room as me. I told her she should probably consult an allergist about her problem and left her office and their entire practice.

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    Who did you piss off or what did you do in your past to have such "unluck"?

    Did you steal too many of littletommy's donuts when you visited him and he put "the donut curse" on you or what? Did you eat too much biscuits-n-gravy with said donuts and wash it down with a concoction of Red Bull and Whole Milk?

    Man, I hope the witch doctors get your health sorted out so you can go on living the dream without restrictions. I mean I know we slow down some as we get older but having to be careful of not bumping your head, that's just a bucket full of crazy restrictions.

    May they shock the ticker back into a rhythm or whatever it's supposed to be doing to run right. My thoughts are with you and get well so you can start slinging the ax again!

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    Get yourself to a good cardiac electrophysiologist and get an ablation to get rid of it. Cardioversion may get you back to a regular sinus rhythm for a while but it will probably recur. An ablation will more likely get rid of it. The anticoagulants and getting on and off of them, can sometimes be worse than the afib.

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