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    Most people can't even walk this well.

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    that is bad ass skills

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    Yeah, that's a trademark of highly skilled people - they make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing, that was too cool!
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    It is amazing how far the sport of Trials and rider skills have come since 1976. And the bikes have improved also - from 200 pounds down to 160 pounds with a 250cc motor. The first Honda 250cc (TL250) Trials bike 4-valve, 4-stroke weighed 220 pounds but had a great motor - wish I had kept mine. This came out in 1976 and sold for around $1000 if I recall the price right. That bike drew a lot of interest because the Bultacos and Montessas at the time were 2-strokes. Honda went on to win the world trials championship with a 4-stroke which had not happened for a long time. Yamaha also came out with a trials bike at about the same time but it was a 2-stroke - but also a well liked bike.

    I guess that the 40 pound weight reduction on the new bikes is a really big deal as no one could ride like that in 1975 - not even the world champions. But, who knows if they had one of the new bikes.

    The early trials bikes had some sit-down capability when you got tired. With the new ones it appears that you had better be in shape to stand on the pegs all day.

    One thing that the TW shares with the old trials bikes is a wide space between 1st and 5th (most of the new ones have 6 speeds). A trials bike is geared to be able to go very slow in the sections but to move at a good clip between the sections. Tire pressures are run very low for traction and reduced shock to the bike. It is too bad that trials never really took off in the USA. Even the best Trials Rider will not be able to do that sort of stuff on a TW as the TW is 100 pounds heavier among other factors. Bikes are specialized and the TW does what it is designed for well.


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    WoW! Amazing skills is RIGHT! : )B
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    One of the major Trials events is called the Wagner Cup. A few years ago it was held nearby in Sequatchie, TN and I had the good fortune of working the event as a translator for the entire weekend. It was an incredible experience, and just amazing to watch guys ride these bikes up a wet moss covered rock face where we had to walk around the rock and use a rope for traction.

    If you ever get a chance to see a Trials event in person, do it. And for those of you in the area of Knoxville, TN there is an event being held this coming weekend in Loudon, TN. It's a twin shock event, meaning mostly vintage trials bikes. I've got a flier on the wall at my shop so if anyone is interested in more details PM me or call the shop at 865-995-9505 .

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    I agree that Trials has really moved ahead. I was watching an indoor TV trials event and was gob smacked at how good it's got. I wondered how much they've taken away from BMX and other extreme sports?

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    That's it!! I'm going to put up a gate. These damm kids just won't stop playing around in my driveway!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tw200sgp View Post
    I agree that Trials has really moved ahead. I was watching an indoor TV trials event and was gob smacked at how good it's got. I wondered how much they've taken away from BMX and other extreme sports?

    They haven't really.

    When we were at the Temecula Nationals two of the biggest issues discussed in camp were attrition, and access. Most younger riders are the progeny of existing riders and their worry is that if their kids don't happen to be into it the ranks aren't being replenished at a rate sufficient to keep the sport alive (At least in this country. It's practically the national pastime in most of Europe.)

    Add to that the increasing difficulties with finding venues. These guys don't exactly "stay on the posted trail" and building artificial courses for an event is cost prohibitive. Generally speaking most of the attendees are the riders and their families so the sport lacks the revenue stream of things like stadium motocross, for instance. The Temecula event was held on rez land where they're smart enough to know that a bunch of dudes crawling around in the rocks cause no erosion and their bikes are quiet as churchmice.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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