Phoenix Protests...If this doesn't make you laugh....
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Thread: Phoenix Protests...If this doesn't make you laugh....

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    Phoenix Protests...If this doesn't make you laugh....

    The left wing loons were out in full force after the Trump speech last night....rioting, burning, tossing crap at speech goers...and cops. This idiot however made the mistake of kicking a tear gas canister back at the cops, who were armed with guns firing Rubber Bullets....I am guessing this "Snowflake's" tiny Nutsack is a little sore this morning: There are fools and Gawd Damn Fools that I believe God put on earth for our pure entertainment....

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    That made me laugh out loud!

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    LOL, that is way too funny. Bravo to the cop that took that shot, perfect aim.

    I'm glad the cops are starting to fight back at these fools to restore law and order. I thought for sure last weekend here in Boston the police would be ordered to stand down just like all the other libtard places but they did not, they actually arrested like 30 of these idiots and most of them have assaulting a police officer charges levied against them.
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    Hahaha!! Well deserved cup check. Precision shot on a VERY small target!

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    It has more "impact" when you play it at 1/4 speed!
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    Sure looked like capasin dust from the fragmenting paint ball-like projectile rather than a more damaging rubber bullet.
    Does this give new meaning to the term “pepper balls”?
    Guy will hopefully remember this jalapeño popper next time he comes prepared to escalate a confrontation with police.
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    That was always the best target playing paintball!
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    Well - at least he aimed below the waist ......
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    Now he is prepared for the transgender rally next week. MBW

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    that's nuts...

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