Anyone live near Yellowstone?
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Thread: Anyone live near Yellowstone?

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    Anyone live near Yellowstone?

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    Just a super volcano whose eruption should end all life in the northern hemisphere as we know it.
    I live about 800 miles away, just a bit outside the blast zone.
    Better stock up on your Yamaha parts.
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    I am about 200km away. There is/was a definite uptick in small quakes (most are not even felt). We had a 2 week swarm up here, with the largest at 5.8. Calmed down now. It is VERY common for there to be a ton of measurable earthquakes there and they often come in groups. It is watched close here in Montana and covered thoroughly on the news, but none of the people that study the patterns find anything out of the norm. I went to Quake Lake (correctly named by the way) just outside Yellowstone 2 weeks ago and the seismograph open to the public was out of order. Too busy?
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    Don't worry about quakes: that's just releasing pressure between plates. The way Yellowstone bubbles and steams, there's plenty of pressure being released on a constant basis. Even the caldera floor's rising and falling doesn't concern scientist. I think the only thing that would raise a red flag is if several places started extreme venting all at once.
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    I think I'll have a Beer other than think about this possibility - as Ben Franklin said "Beer is proof God loves us and want us to be happy". I respect Ben enough to follow his direction ;-)
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    Will not be an eruption but a huge collapse caused by the venting and emptying of earth. Met a USGS tech years ago and she has studied it for years. will be as bad or worse for all nearby but less smoke in the air maybe
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    I'm within 100 miles. I haven't noticed anything usual. There are tremors in and around the caldera all the time. I suppose if she blows we're gone instantly. Most of the people in my flamily checkout because of cancer. You know they whittle a little off and cook what's left a little at a time then check out anyway. I figure instantaneous ion vapor looks better than that. No one gets out of here alive. Live it up while you can and love on the people around you while you're here. Do all you can to prepare for what comes after. Some body up there loves you more than you can imagine so enjoy his blessings and spread them around to the others around you. He seems to like that. It seems more blessings can flow through an unclogged pipe. That's my moto anyway. Cheers to Aussies
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