Boontling for the TW rider.
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    Boontling for the TW rider.

    So, here is a small primmer for those of you who might just end up in the Boont region (Boonville, California.)

    This was inspired by Lizrdbrth who posed the question to me “What is the Boont word for ditto?”

    Now, in an effort to answer this seemingly “simple” question, I must relay the rest of the story.

    I started with the Boontling American Lingo dictionary, and found nothing. So I called some one who

    knows much of the lingo, a great deal of it that will never make any book. He's up in his 70's, and can't hear well at all, so I yelled into the phone that I would come by & see him later.

    So I jumped on the TW & headed to town, do do some chores, use my friends unlimited Internet connection, and on my way back I would stop at his house to get my boont words.

    As I'm pulling up to his house, I see him rolling over on the ground, with his wife heading towards him to see if he's OK! I quickly get off my bike & pull my gloves & helmet off & rush over there to see whats up!

    So come to find out, he was helping his son, who's truck steering wheel had decided to inexplicably lock. His son had the power drill with a rather large bit, & was drilling out the ignition. My friend has his head stuck in the passenger window of the truck. (You see where this is going, don't you?)

    Suddenly, the drill bit hooked up with the right parts to turn over & start the truck, which of course was in gear, and this threw my 70 year old friend to the ground.

    How the hell he didn't get his neck broke, or for that matter, not a scratch, is, is, is, (sorry, you fill in the blank!) He just got up, brushed himself off, and shaking my hand says “How you doing Mike?”

    How am I doing? These codgy kimmies (old boys) around here are tough!

    Yes, I made his son disconnect the battery cable then & there!

    OK, so now for a little Boontling!

    'Harp,” is talking. “Boont harp'n” is speaking boontling.

    Ditto, or to agree with or 2nd that, would be harped “Yibe to that!” yibe being a contraction of “You bet.”

    A “mitchey” is a bicycle, in reference to a man named Mitchel, who always rode a bicycle.

    “Moshe” is a short for “machine” and this can be any machine, from an apple peeler to a locomotive.

    Therefore, a “mitchey moshe” is a motorcycle.

    But closer to the TrailWay, is the “bilg moshe” and I quote: “A trail scooter. This is a recent coinage reflecting the rise in the use of trail bikes and scooters and jeeps. {Combination of bilg (billy goat) and moshe. This is an adaptation of the commercial name Tote Gote, which was given to a popular brand of trail scooter.} This is straight from the book! I didn't even know that one!

    Money is actually a bit easier. A copper is a penny, toobs is .25 cents. Fourbs is four bits, .50 cents. Toobs & fourbs can also be used as a number. “Dubs” can mean two of anything. “That's my dubs coppers.” my two cents.

    A silver dollar is a “higler”, or hog dollar. “Bellhoon” is a much more common term for a dollar.

    (By the way, if any of you have ever seen the B-flick “Pig Hunt” that was mostly shot here in Boonville, nuf said.)

    A “Buckey” is a nickel, and a man named “Walter Levi” owned the first telephone in the valley.

    That's how you get “buckey walter” or a pay phone.

    “Bahl” to quote: “Good; of excellent quality. One of the most used boontling words.” Folling are common examples: “Bahl dee” good day. “Bahl gorms” good food. “Bahl hornin” good drink, can refer to anything from good booze to good beer, and of course a lot of hard cider was made here too, due to the abundance of apple trees, you had to do something with all those wind falls.

    Speaking of apples, an “apple head” would be your girl friend, while your “eeld'm” would be your wife, if you referred to her as your old lady. (Careful with that one guys!)

    “Burlappin'” is what we used to do on Saturday nights, if we got lucky, when we were younger. (Remember those days? I'm having trouble remembering that far back... nuf said.)

    So that's enough to get you into trouble in the Boont region, if you feel the need to harp a wee deek (Talk a little bit) in the boont. The one word I wish I had remembered to ask about is the word “Ride” .

    I'll get that one soon, so I can say “Bahl riding!” m.

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    Hey you guys, do you speak English????? It sounds Creol to me.

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

    Powdercoated '87 frame, extended swingarm, YZ fork legs, ATV tire, 14/55, XT350 tank, spliced quick-release seat, disc brake conversion, beeg headlight, beeger rack, Lizrdcooler, Lizrdventz and bunch of other stuff all covered in invisible ink.

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    We speak quite a mix, a bit of Creol, this & that. No banjos, but we do have ukuleles! m.

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