Have been running solo for the last week, splitting my time between painting the house and building a 2 meter antenna. During a beer break, had occasion to turn on the tv to pass the time. Was captivated by the statement, "if the internet were a country, it would be the 5th largest consumer of electricity in the world" WOW... I was on Amazon and stumbled across the 'documentary', "Data Center". If you are curious, it is worth a look. All e-mail (undeleted) is maintained in a 'data center' for 10 years. Wonder about all those zillions of questions regarding the 'best oil to use' that are asked on a forum ? How many watts does it take to maintain those "1's & 0" for ten years. When thinking of mega energy consumption, my thought has always been 'steel mills' not 'data centers'. Seems the big players like Google, Amazon and Facebook like building their data centers in the South. Cheap(er) energy that comes from burning coal. God help us. only one "I" was used in this post.