Ram 2500 experience?
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Thread: Ram 2500 experience?

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    Lake County, Ca.

    Ram 2500 experience?

    With my working career winding down I have been considering a Ram 2500 diesel pickup for touring the USA pulling a trailer upon retirement. Are there any forum members with experience pulling with a Ram?
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    I have been a Dodge guy for 20 years. I love the power of the Cummins engine but for fuel mileage, my friends Duramax gets another 3 or 4 miles to the gallon better than mine.

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    I bought a new F-250 with a 7.3 turbo diesel back in 2002. I absolutely loved the truck and even more loved the motor and power it had for pulling a heavy trailer. The price of diesel along with the weight of the engine in the truck was the deal breaker. I could not keep shocks, brakes or tires on it and the cost of the fuel was a serious disadvantage. At 7 years old with just 50K miles on it the rust just took over and I will never own another Ford. I see very similar results with both GM and MOPAR trucks up here in the rust belt. So many that look as though they have been well cared for yet the wheel wells and rocker panels are rusting right through. Although the diesel motors do have the low end grunt I think the cost of operating along with the initial added cost are the downfall. My engine took 4 gallons of oil at each change and it looked like sludge after just 3,000 miles.

    A buddy who was a life long Dodge guy and loved the Cummins diesels bought a Toyota Tundra about 4 years ago and is now a true blue Toyota guy. He drags a 32 foot travel trailer all over this country and says the Tundra blows any of his previous Dodges away and has all the power he has ever needed. Chose wisely on such a big expense but do keep an eye out on fairly new big 3 trucks that all seem to be rust buckets in very short years.

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    365000 miles on my 94 Dodge Cummins.
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    My son has a '93 Cummins. Short wheel base 2wd. It is a fine little truck. It tows a 5th wheel anything like a dream. It is NOT his daily driver.

    Diesels are not for everyone. They destroy oil and need to be changed every 3000 miles. I changed the oil in my 1966 Mercedes 200D every 2K.

    If I was "living on the road", I would go gas. In fact, I pull my 27 ft Airstream with a 1978 Ford 350. 460 V8, baby!

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    Senior Member Joemama's Avatar
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    Lake County, Ca.
    Thanks for responding. I have spent considerable time wieghing, has vs duesel, Ford, Chevy, Dodge. Just is not something that I have to worry about living in California. Hey, I just found a good thing about this state. Who da thunk it! With rust not being a concern, this truck will probably out last me. Fuel costs vary across the country. Some areas has is less, some areas diesel is less. This is a high investment so I'm still trying to make sure I don't let any details slip past me. Any other thoughts and experience is appreciated.

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    I drive a 2014 RAM 3500 (CC LB SRW). I highly suggest stepping up to a 3500 if you plan to do some towing. The weight of the diesel engine eats up a lot of payload on a 2500. There is not much cost difference between a 2500 and a 3500. The 3500 is a bit harder to find used though (I spent months looking for mine) ... unless you want to go with dual rear wheels.

    Also, make sure you get the exhaust brake on whatever truck you decide on. The newer models should all have them now. It makes all the difference in the world when doing down steep inclines under load.

    I love my RAM. My trailer is loaded to around 13.5 k with a pin weight of about 2.7k. So far I've towed about 7k miles or so with my truck ... up and down a number of steep grades. I set the cruise right about 61 MPH and let the truck do the rest. The truck would pull fast if I wanted to, but I like safety margins. Even so, I'm usually passing when going up steep grades ... then I get passed going down the other side because my exhaust brake kicks in and I can descend in complete control.
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    I own a 98 Dodge 3500 Cumins with over 300,000 miles on it, It has the original untouched motor in it, Automatic Transmission has been rebuild a couple times.
    It is an awesome truck.
    I am also a Toyota fan too, But they don't make anything that even comes close to a full size Diesel pickup at this time.

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    Not a 2500 but my 1990 4x4 w/Cummins is a great truck. Averages about 18mpg with a 2000lb camper.

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    Have '17 Dodge Power Wagon, basically and off-road built 2500 series. It has the 6.4 Hemi. Pulls like a champ. I pull a 20' enclosed with 2 RZRs and my TW. Altogether about 6000#. It does great. Not good on mileage, but I am sorry, who really buys a truck like this for the mileage. I don't tow big enough or far enough to justify the expense of a diesel since it adds about $10-15K to the price of the rig. I figure that is a lot of gas I can buy. Plus the Power Wagon is just plain awesome! Factory lifted, 12k winch, Front AND rear lockers, electronic disconnect sway bar. Now I can't parallel park it downtown well but I am OK with that!!
    2005 TW200

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