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Thread: Pellet smokers

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    Pellet smokers

    I just ordered my new smoker and was wondering if anyone here is in to smoking food. My first smoker was a home made one that I used only wood to smoke with. Ash trees, apple and a little cherry is what I always used. After 2 years of using it and babysitting it all day long while smoking a brisket I decided I wanted to go to the dark side and try a pellet smoker. After a lot of research I decided to go with a Rectec RT680 over the Traeger. Just wondering if anyone else has the smoking bug (not the bug that little Tommy does either lol)
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    I have been into smoking for about 7 years now. I have a Green Mountain and a charcoal setup that is really a heavily customized Brinkman smoker. I don't use the charcoal right now because I have small kids and the pellet is oh so simple compartively. I miss the taste of the wood/charcoal smoker though. I liked the Rectec, talked to the owner there, ultimately went with Green Mountain on price.

    Favorite thing to do is Thanksgiving turkey, following, ultimate smoked turkey recipie.
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    I have 2 Green Mountain units. Both with WiFi. At the house, there is a Stainless Jim Bowie and in the trailer there is a stainless Davy Crockett.
    Been smoking food for years. Got the GM units after my propane setup blew the hair off one of my legs.
    Mostly brisket is my meat of choice, but chicken thighs are to freaken die for when done properly.

    The large unit at home can handle two full size Briskets and then some. The smaller one will do a medium brisket and use damn near no pellets doing it on a 70 degree day.
    Hickory pellets are ordered through Amazon and are here in 2 days.

    Because of my high cholesterol, I only smoke food for special occasions.
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    55 drum smoker, I use charcoal and soaked wood chips for smoke. Smoked mullet(fish) yummy..... Ours get used atleast once a month. Sometimes its packed full when we nail a hog
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    Got a Traeger from Costco about a year ago during a demo show. Took longer to unpack it than assemble it. Great packing. First thing i noticed was the main power cord was crushed and a cut was showing exposed copper on two of the wires. I was off for a weeks vacation so I called Traeger and they shipped a new wire in about a week. While waiting for the wire to arrive I assembled the smoker. Second thing I noticed was all the nuts and bolts were just a tad smaller than the pre drilled holes. After receiving the cord and replacing it I followed the "seasoning" procedure. Next day I fired it up and the "New and improved " digital control unit would not hold a constant temperature reading. Got on the phone with Traeger and was walked thru different "re-boot" steps three different times. Next thing I know the temperature guage maxed out causing the auger pellets to burn and all the lid paint blistered. On the phone again and they decided to send me a new control panel. I should have taken it back to Costco when I discovered the cut crushed wire but I was on vacation and the demo show was gone. I did return it to Costco for a refund. One thing I learned is Traeger is no longer made in USA and most of the hardware was garbage. End Vent.......

    The free demo show Traeger cover works perfect for my pressure washer.

    Neighbor just bought a Green Mountain which he really likes.
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    Went through a few issues with GM. They have the BEST customer service. Small issues have been taken care of very very quickly.
    GREAT people to deal with.

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    I use a propane fired smoker that uses wood chips & love using it.
    When I checked about pellet smokers . Nobody could tell me what was used to bind the pellets together. A local pellet mill once used old hydraulic oil & crap to bind pellets before they got their act together. Years later I got the answer that they're held together from pressure during the manufacturing process. Too late I'd already picked up the smoker I have now.
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    I purchased a "Primo" ceramic smoker about 5 years ago, 20 year warranty and made in Missouri I think. One charge of lump charcoal and it cooks 10+ hours. There are few purchases a man makes in his life that really exceed his expectations, but this is one of those. Brisket, pulled pork, and at xmas I do
    a 3/4 standing rib to medium rare. On the 2nd year a crack appeared around the lid where the metal band is attached, I was almost in shock. I took a few pics, showed the dealer I bought it from, he called Primo and 2 weeks later I had a brand new smoker, not just the lid, but the whole thing....
    A great American product w/ a warranty as good as there word.
    As a matter of fact, I just did a brisket Monday. Another thing I use it for is my home cured maple pork belly bacon. It's a little time consuming because it needs to cure for 10 days in the fridge, but you'll never want to eat that commercially smoke injected bacon again...
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    I use this Weber Smokey Mountain, and the Santa Maria Grill in the back of the photo for steaks, tri-tip and other grilling. Almost always use red oak unless doing ribs or a pork shoulder where might add some apple or cherry.

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    I have had many smokers, and still have a few. (1) I think the best flavor comes from a cross flow but, it does take a lot of baby sitting. We use it for our partys at the river where we have people around all day. (2) The BGE works good for lots of things and lives up to it's claims, you just don't get the ring and bark as with the cross flow.(3) The little table top Akorn JR. is great for 1 chicken or 1 butt and does steaks at 600+ degrees and is perfect for cooking 2 people. It can be found at Walmart for less than $100 on sale. Last but not least (4) A Smokin-It electric will do 9 butts or 4 Briskets and it id truly set it and forget it. You would never know the food came out of an electric smoker.
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