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Thread: Headlamp????

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    To wear on my head....my old Petzl from my Helitack days could be replaced....

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Thrunite TH20

    Had mine about a year, absolutely love it. Infinite intensity adjustment, waterproof and all that jazz, doesn't move around once you aim it, and no plastic bits and hinges to fail. And comes with extra o-rings if they ever wear/rot out, and an extra piece it mounts in that you can thread onto a backpack strap or something...so you can pop it out of the head strap and pop it into the 2nd holder to wear differently. Super bright if you need it, but I usually run mine at half or a little better for the normal stuff you'd use a headlamp for. Even hiking in the pitch black, about 3/4 is all kinds of light.
    I forget the amount of lumens, but it's just a number. I run an AA in mine...but you can also run it on one of those similar size but way more powerful cells if you feel the need to land airplanes or something.
    AND....you don't have to futz around turning it on and adjusting the modes. One click turns it on to whatever intensity you had it at when you last shut it off, or start with a double click to start it at full intensity.

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    This is what I use. MBW
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