Gas vs. Electric vehicles
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Thread: Gas vs. Electric vehicles

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    Gas vs. Electric vehicles

    Purple did a nice write up in the Exhaust Note Thread ( about gas/diesel/electric vehicles.

    That piqued my interest and found this article on the Scientific American website that has some interesting information on gas vs electric vehicles with a simple enough explanation that even I understood.
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    Interesting article.

    Personally, I like engines that breathe air and spit fire. I am glad I am alive during the "fossil fuel era".
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    Nice article that primarily addresses carbon footprint issues
    Other concerns not often addressed are the cumulative energy losses each time we change from one form of energy to another, like burning coal or other fuels to make heat to spin a turbine to turn a generator to make electricity to then have transmission losses on it’s way to your car’s charging station.
    Mining and manufacturing of electric vehicle components is kind of hard on the environment and has strategic implications as well. Critical rare earths minerals have limited global distribution. Reliable resource deposits are not always controlled by our current trading partners and that will have long range foreign policy implications. We may need to buy new friends.
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