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    If you have photos in an album on Facebook, you can use that to post them here.

    - Go to your Facebook Album

    - Right-click on the photo you want, then click Copy Image URL (It will appear as if nothing has happened, but that's OK, the URL has been copied to your buffer)

    - Now write your message here in the forum as usual. Where you want the picture to go, click the icon that looks like a photo (two over from the smiley face), it'll say "Insert Image" if you hover it.

    -Now with the http:// highlighted, Hit CTRL-V on your keyboard (to paste the URL from your buffer)

    - Click the Insert Image button that appears.

    - Post your message as usual

    It should work like this --

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    I go to the photo in Facebook but can't find the "copy image URL"
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    Got it. I had to go to properties then copy the url from there. then paste and delete the first http:// Then it worked.

    Thanks for the tip Truelight.

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    You will want to keep tabs on your album privacy settings in facebook. I'd advise setting up a "public" album that is allowed to be shared with the world and only put photos in there you are okay to display to the world. And keeping others albums private to your own friends, that way the whole world can't see all the details of your life. Just in case...
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