A New Slant on Small Motorcycles
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    The Auto-Moto 3 Wheel Scooter

    would be licensed as a motorcycle in Texas

    because it has a saddle instead of a seat.
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    Interesting. But I'd give up the little to no protection of the cab for the ability to bail off quickly, any day. Neat concept though.
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    Boy, I think that is really neat. Marketed as it is, likely not to go very far in this country. Low cost has lots of initial appeal, but then the question is; after the sale service. While researching this very neat concept (my opinion), I found two other vendors. Same product (it seems to me) different names. Chinese products don't scare me a lot. I realize/expect for the price, I will need to do some stuff to move the product more towards my standard of quality and reliability. You still need to shop for a 'stand-out' vendor, which likely means a slightly higher purchase price. After all is said-and-done, you the purchaser will still likely need to do (more than you are use to) tweaking.

    I think we are still a 'few' years away from worry about gas prices to that extent. I REALLY like the concept, and am impressed/surprised that stability was found using the; one wheel front and two back design. Perhaps I am stuck in the 70's and the issues with the 3 wheeled ATV's.

    At 63, I have no delusions about 'walking away' from a bad experience. To me, my options are many months of expensive 'procedures' or death. In my opinion, likely the end result will be the same, unless you are Mr. Bill Gates. If you have LOTS of money, perhaps you can spend a bunch and be close to where you were. Since I don't have that kind of cash, I would rather go sooner than later.

    No desire to be maudlin folks. It is simply a question of going now with a $110,000 medical bill, or going later with a bill that tops a million... This is a question I suspect us older folks factor into our thinking.

    P.S. I think it is a neat idea, and yes I am not worried about falling free of the wreckage. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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