R50-00 is R50-00

Piet and Anna went to the Garies Agricultural Show every year. (Garies is a very small rural place)

Every year, Piet would ask: "Anna, I would like to have a test flight in one of those helicopters."

And every year, Anna would answer: "Piet, that flight would cost 50 Rand, and 50 Rand is 50 Rand!!....."

Many years of this whent on and Piet and Anna went to the fair again.

Piet said: "Anna, I`m 71 years old now. If I don`t get on that Helicopter this year it will never happen."

Anna replies: "Piet, that flight would cost 50 Rand, and 50 Rand is 50 Rand!....."

The pilot overheard them, and since it was a quiet day, he decided to have some fun.

And he said to them "I`ll take you on a flight for free, BUT only if you would be quiet the whole flight.

If not - you`ll have to fork out the R50 each."

Piet and Anna agree to the conditions, and into the chopper they got.

The pilot took off, and did all sorts of rolls,dives, twists, turns and tricks.

Not a word was said.

He did all his tricks over again, this time even scaring himself.

Still not a word was said.

They landed and the pilot turned to Piet: "&%*$#@#$%$#@!!!! I have never seen such a display of self restraint. I`ve even flown myself scared and not a peep from either of you!!!

Piet replied: " I would have loved to say something when Anna fell out, BUT 50 Rand is 50 Rand!....."