NiCd battery rehab
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Thread: NiCd battery rehab

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    NiCd battery rehab

    Wasn’t aware it was possible to do until I checked YouTube...fixed a Milwaukee drill battery yesterday...wouldn’t take a charge it does...pretty wild

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    YouTube is awesome. I had a bad lithium battery for my Ryobi tools. I had dropped it and it wouldn’t take a charge. I almost threw it away and decided to take it apart and see if I could see anything wrong. It looked ok but wouldn’t take a charge. Then I found a similar video for lithium’s. After watching I learned to check each cell and I found one low one causing the fault. The vid said to use a 9v to do the same jump on the low cell. That did revive my battery.
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    my method wasn't as refined...i tried to jump the battery using 2 of my dewalt nicd batteries and it wouldn't spark at all...i slapped it in the charger and tried to plug the charger in/out of the outlet multiple times and that didn't work...then i tried to slide the battery in and out of the charger and it was starting to get the light on the charger to flicker...then i just plugged it in and and hit the battery (while on the charger) with block of wood caveman style...then the light on the charger started to flicker more and it finally must have worked cause the charger light went to solid green and stayed there and started to charge it...i left it overnight on the metal plate on the concrete floor with a fire extinguisher near it in close proximity to the smoke alarm...was flashing that it was fully charged in the morning...14.4 volt battery tested at over 17 volts on the multimeter...drill ran...going to retest it tonight to see if it dropped a is great!
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