Good job moderators.
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    Deleted my post because of what you might see or hear.

    If your going to delete my post you better make sure you delete all posts that don't follow the runs to a T. Right now you're looking like hipocrits.

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    Your post was reported by another member. Got a problem you can PM me any time!

    Quote: from another member,

    Links to a dubious humor/porn website. The video is motorcycle related, but I'd be surprised if that site doesn't have spyware or malware. Definitely not family friendly, and I know some young kids use this forum.
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    Looks like Goldenhtr did do a good job and good to see you right on top of things. I posted some pics of some bike I saw in mexico and then didn't see anymore. I finally saw it in "other bikes/topics" and then I remembered that my pics weren't of
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    I deleted your post. It violated the rules:

    This is a family friendly site hosted by Chopper Charles. The site is hosted on a public computer and the ISP is responsible for the content too. So it's not a free for all, - freedom of speech kind of thing. We are a community of like minded TW enthusiasts, if you want to open minds to porn and swearing, you will have to do it elsewhere.

    As to being hypocritical, we address all reported content and do not have the time to review every thread that is not reported. If you see something that violates the rules, let us know and we will deal with it. It's up to the community to police itself, not us.

    If you would like to discuss this further, then PM me (vuldub) or goldenhtr.

    This topic is now closed. It will be left up for others to read.
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