Anybody from Arizona?
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Thread: Anybody from Arizona?

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    Anybody from Arizona?

    I have about had it with the ice age here in frostbite falls.
    I have a friend in Tuscon that used to own the Honda shop in Port Townsend Washington. He raves about the weather there so I am now thinking about moving again. If any of you can give me some first hand info about living in Arizona I would be happy to read it. Stuff like outer suburbs of Tuscon that might be affordable. Does Arizona give disabled vets a break on taxes and info like that.
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    I know “it’s hotter than hell in Heater” outside Curio Arizona in the summer time.
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    I've lived in the Tucson area for almost 20 years now. I've spent the last 12 years in Vail, which is on the SE side of Tucson. My parents live in Green Valley, which is just S of Tucson.

    This is the time of year when everyone wants to live here. The weather is beautiful right now. I much prefer the Tucson area to the Phoenix area. Tucson is a bit cooler and higher in elevation. It is a pretty big city, but it does not feel like a big city. One negative is you usually need to drive a ways to go anywhere. Everything is 30-40 minutes away.

    If I were of retirement age, I would seriously consider Green Valley. There are a ton of recreation facilities all over Green Valley ... lots of activities you can be involved in if so desired.

    I've heard that the VA in Tucson is quite nice.

    Of course, we pay for our nice winters with the summer heat. It does get quite hot here. You can sense a distinct difference in traffic when the snow birds leave for the summer ... Green Valley especially. Most of us learn to do the outdoor stuff really early or really late. The worst of the heat is usually mid June to early July. The monsoon rains that start in early July bring some relief from the heat. It is enjoyable to sit back and relax to the sounds and smells of an afternoon monsoon.

    I think the cost of living here is quite reasonable compared to many places in the country. That's another reason people like to retire here. The housing market peaked in 2006, and house values are still quite a bit lower than they were back then. That's great news if you're looking to buy.
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