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Thread: wasteful shipping

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    wasteful shipping


    is your Harbor Freight as wasteful as our Princess Auto??? i ordered 2 items and they were sent from the same store on the same day and arrived on the same day. i guess they didn't have a big enough box to put the gloves in with the squeegee. what a bunch of morons, look at the size of the boxes, compared to what is inside. no wonder our shipping charges are so high.
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    I have never ordered anything from HF but im sure they are. Amazon is also equally as bad.

    I also love how they sometimes ship things in circles. I had a package coming from Fed EX that came from within my state. It went from the vendor to fedex in Northboro,MA( about 15 miles away) to Warwick, RI, to Boston, MA, back to Warwick,RI, then back to Northboro, MA then to Framingham,MA then to me. The thing spent days moving around in the fedex system in a giant circle. This was for something i bought off ebay. If i had known it was so close i would have just picked it up, its like 15 miles away.
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