Recent events (Russia) ....
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Thread: Recent events (Russia) ....

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    Recent events (Russia) ....

    About a week or so ago, an “ex Russian spy” was found on a Salisbury (England) park bench, together with his daughter, both of them subjected to a Russian made nerve agent - (both are currently “critical” in hospital)

    Britain is a “bit upset” over this, but not as you might imagine, but because not only was the daughter regarded as “collateral” damage, but also the careless way in which this was done in a public place, with enough nerve agent to wipe out anyone who was innocently exposed to the nerve agent — we subsequently found enough “left over” on tables in the restaurant and the pub, the car, the restaurant (and God knows where else, including the bench we found them dying on). The first person on the scene was a police officer, who is only just off the critical list himself

    This is not the first time Russia has assassinated on British soil, but it is the first time that by doing so, hundreds of innocent people been put at risk — and that’s what we’re upset about

    The standard procedure for dealing with this, is to provide proof both to Russia, and to the world chemical weapon monitors - and ask Russia for an answer, and the latter for some kind of similar conformation of who was (or is) in control of such weapons. This provides both for “proof of crime”, and gives Russia the opportunity to answer — with the world chemical weapon monitors backing up what has happened, and asking some “awkward” questions themselves

    Inevitably (if previous experiences are anything to go by), Russia will simply deny everything, and simply shrug the whole thing off — “We (Russia) are a nuclear power, so what are you going to do about this — nothing”. In addition to this, Russia is also a member of NATO, with the power to veto anything that affects it. It seems crazy, and it is, when one state within NATO can act against another NATO state and then tell them to go and stuff themselves

    Meanwhile, I am also less than impressed by our own reaction to this — accusations were rightly or wrongly bandied about, no proof provided, and comments such as “Russia can shut up and go away” are less than helpful. If you want to accuse Putin of anything, you’d better have your ducks in row, and be prepared for the inevitable reaction. Without “proof”, which we more than likely could provide anyway, yet seem reluctant to do so, it just gives them room to deny everything as usual

    And so, “diplomats” (spies) are expelled, sanctions increase, assets are frozen, all of which I’m sure has Russia quaking in its boots

    It becomes my own considered opinion, whilst watching the politicians flail hopelessly in circles, that the way to go forward with this that would “hurt” the Russian politicians, would be to simply close the embassies in both countries, and to expel Russia from NATO

    But that comes with its own problems — the constriction of Russia over the last thirty years or so has seen Russia loose close to 40% of its satellite territories, increasing the paranoia of the Russian government. Russia has become increasingly aggressive in its military reaction to such threats, and also in its “economical” pressure to satellite states - the “Bear” when cornered, fights back

    So what do we do ? — alienate them further ? — or allow them to assassinate who they want, using whatever method they want ?

    If Russia (if they are subsequently proved to be responsible — and it’s looking highly likely) had simple shot one guy in the head, we wouldn’t have any of this fuss — a simple murder case would have been opened, with the culpability leading back to one person, and not an entire “State”

    Both the attempted assassination has been badly botched, as has our own reaction to it — more than likely is the scenario where Putin was approached and asked “Hey boss, you OK if we take this guy out” — rather than “Hey boss, you OK if we take out half of Salisbury using a nerve agent that can be traced back to Russia”

    The assassins used enough nerve agent to kill a hundred people in a public place — and we are now accusing people (in some cases personally) without giving them the opportunity to answer

    Meanwhile, Putin has just won an election, where the opposition leader was banned from running — no surprises there then

    Throughout all of this, the Russian people are as solid as ever, it’s only the heads that remain as intransient as ever, a few hundred people letting the side down. Any Russian leader these days has to be strong enough (and ruthless enough) to control the “Russian mafia” — to not do so would result in an “early death” — but this is all a “Russian thing”. When it overflows into the rest of Europe, it becomes an “embarrassment”

    I don’t consider that blaming Putin for this “personally” does anyone any favours, even if he is “ultimately responsible” — it’s as about as effective as throwing a raw egg against a brick wall. Having said that, the recent Olympic doping scandal described as “State led” rather “fizzled out”, but I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of whoever broke that particular story given recent events

    Meanwhile, Russia is hosting the next World Cup — whist FIFA is beset by “corruption” allegations — go figure

    And why am I posting this on a predominately American site ? — principally because the Trump administration has seen fit to sanction “a variety of Russian individuals” over the manipulation of an presidential election which is orchestrated by the guy who won that election

    Basically — this is a “cluster fuck”

    But the ultimate “snub” to Russia from all States, is by taking a very close look at the Russian money flowing through our capital cities (which should be good for a giggle), seizing half of it, and forcing the other half “off shore” — suing our own banks for money laundering — and comprehensively shooting ourselves in the foot in the process. The complications are mind boggling

    “It’s a mad world my masters” ………….
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    Is a shame what has become of our world. Power hungry leaders, started with throwing rocks at each other, now we have weapons to destroy mankind and everything else that breaths air. Just be glad we at least in this country to defend our homes with our right to bear arms. Of course any city now days if any defense is put up, one nuke takes care of that.

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    We may as well ban the import of rabbit fur hats. That will teach them!!

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    Ironically, I was looking at buying one of those - lol
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    I liked it better when "Nikky wild dog of the north" was in charge of Russia. He kept the Russian mafia under control better.
    He was easier to deal with even when he pounded on the desk with his shoe after being refused to visit Disneyland.
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    In my estimations Russia isn’t the problem. We are destroying ourselves as a country faster then Russia could, short of a war. Putin is laughing at us, and I don’t blame him. Socialism doesn’t work, yet that is what the U.S. is heading toward. We’re at the tipping point where we are losing critical rights and the working people will be eventually outnumbered by the people on some sort of government aid.
    We are all told not to feed wild animals because they become accustomed to free handouts and lose the ability and desire to fend for themselves. Yet that doesn’t apply to people?
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    I actually don't believe any Russian link in this case the international org that tracks chemical weapons actually said novachuck was theoretical and therefore was never actually completed in the Uzbekistan lab that fell into American hands nor is it on the list of known chemical agents thus there is / was no "fingerprint" for the Brits to compare too and thats probably why they refuse to share samples. Also novachuck (I forget the spelling) was designed to be easily replicated by common organic materials at any fertilizer or pesticide plant thus the US or the Brits could "make" it since they obtained the entire lab in Uzbekistan lock stock and barrel. also coincidental this was in walking distance to the Brits chemical lab

    Russia is up to all kinds of chit maybe even half of what our cee aye yah does but I think this is clearly false flag like Iraqs WMD's
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    After watching a lot of this stuff for the last 25 years and seeing the way the NWO continue their agenda I always wondered how they could take Russia and China. They can easily infiltrate or instill their chosen guy in many smaller countries but how will they tackle the big opponents? Well, it would seem that it has to be a BIG war.......

    Important paragraph:

    "So they've needed to prep us, and they have been doing so with remarkable success. Prior to the end of 2016 the average American rarely even thought about Russia, almost never thought about Vladimir Putin, and had no idea what a Kremlin was. Now hatred for Russia is at the forefront of consciousness in mainstream America, and now infected the UK as well and is quickly metastasizing throughout Australia and Europe. The wood has been slowly dried for some major future event, and a false flag event will be like a lit match on the kindling. The media will pick it up and run with it full-throttle, and people will be herded by fear toward the war door."
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    When "The Wall" came down and the USSR disintegrated "we won" or so we thought. Paid more attention to the Middle East & Terrorism which was certainly called for after 9/11.
    But Russia never really changed. The Sleeper cells uncovered in New Jersey opened up or should have opened-up our eyes to what is happening right now.

    A guy I work with was neighbors of the family living under deep cover in Montclair, NJ.
    Also the inspiration for the FX series "The Americans". Can only understand the present and future by looking to the past.

    Accused Russian spies lived deep under cover in Montclair |

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